Innocent Versus  Guilty

Innocent is what everyone wants to be when confronted with their sins, but according to God, all have sinned and fallen short of his glory. Instead we find that innocence cannot be obtained before the God of our creation through anything that man has done or could do. Itís known that our sin must be forgiven by the grace of God. Letís be clear, a Christian is a sinner saved by grace and through GodĎs grace Jesus Christ paid the penalty for our sin by his death on the cross. God chose to forgive man as if his sin never occurred through the shed blood of Jesus Christ.

Man has been captive through the ages by the sin nature and has fell short of Godís glory. For this reason, every human being is no longer without sin. This sin nature is the reason man has indulged himself with the cravings of the flesh and his pride. Sin occurs because we do not structure our life around a simple plan to avoid sin.  We need to develop a plan to live by that limits what we will and will not do. Because the majority of men failed to do this sin has completely corrupt the world that we live in.

When we take time to consider what life is all about, we must consider that nothing was ever made without a purpose. It also stands to reason that God had a specific goal for creating man and reconciling men to him.  Godís purpose will be revealed when he gathers his elect to fulfill his plans.

However, the Lord Almighty will not force anyone to serve or obey him. Serving God is a voluntarily choice to serve the creator and origin of life, who is God. God knows those who have chosen to serve him for they have a relationship with Jesus and have turned from the corrupt ways of this world avoiding every form of sin.

God made himself known to every man and hoped that everyone would find salvation through Jesus Christ. However, how can man be innocent of sin when he knows that God exists and lives as if God didnít? How can man be blameless in Godís eyes when he neglects so great a salvation by neither seeking him nor attempting to find out how to please him? To make his salvation known to man, Godís laws have been written on the walls of manís heart and everyone knows the difference between good and evil, right and wrong.

John writes that because we are children of God we shall be like him and we shall see him when he appears. Everyone who has this hope in him purifies himself, just as he is pure. Peter writes just as Jesus who called you is holy Ė be holy in all you do.  Peter amplified the need to be holy because God is holy.  Consider this, if you were to think and act as God does, how could God find fault in you?

Because we are members of Godís family our lives should reflect the character and upbringing of our heavenly Father. Jesus Christ is the Son of God, he the pattern of holy living that we are to identify ourselves with. From the immaculate birth until his death on the Cross, Jesus led a sinless life. Although we have all sinned, we can seek the forgiveness of Jesus Christ and have his help to avoid sin in our future.

All sin is wrongdoing and self-destructive because the consequences of sin affects the victim as much as the sinner.  To be innocent before God we must accept the atonement Christ made make the effort to gain knowledge of sinís nature that will help overcome evil with good and avoid sin in the future.

God has prepared good works in advance for us to do and good works demonstrate the life of Jesus Christ. Godís children become familiar with the words of Christ and through his teachings learn the graces of God. We find that mature Christian has distinguished good from evil and with Godís help overcomes sin through knowledge and discipline.  Godís word says,

Since Christians are looking forward to their heavenly home, they make every effort to be found without sin and at peace with God. God has given every Christian everything he or she needs for a godly life. Through his great and precious promises every Christian can participate with God to escape the sin of the world.

The process of renewing your mind includes ponder Godís word so you are able to be certain and know Godís good, pleasing and perfect will.  When you are confident in your knowledge of God you will begin to naturally do what is right before your Fatherís eyes.  Remember that innocence cannot be obtained before God through anything that man has done or could do. We need the righteousness of Christ that comes from God.

Itís the shed blood of Jesus Christ that cleanses your heart from all sin. Your deeds will show God whether you have made an effort to reflect the light of your father and if you have shunned sin. Blessed are those who have washed their robes that they may share in the eternal goodness and glory of God.

The guilty person is the man or woman who has neglected so great a salvation. What scars your life with sin is doing nothing to be cleansed of sin and continuing in sin. For the most part, the neglect of men and women is due to a lack of knowing the truth or finding out how much God loves them. However, they will perish Ė if they refuse to repent and serve the God who created them.


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