I Am Who I Am

In preparing Moses to go to Egypt Moses asked God (Exodus 3:13) What is his name? What shall I say unto them? The Lord God replied, I am who I am. in the Christian arena those who hear these words become excited. Still how does one fully express himself to mankind who cannot reveal how they exist as a eternal being. God is saying that he has always been and will always be because he is without beginning or end.  Who I Am

God is similar to the person who exists on the order of Melchizedek the king of righteousness. It is written that Melchizedek was without father or mother, without genealogy, without beginning of days or end of life. We are saying the same of God for there is no record of his birth and no evidence of his death yet he existed yesterday he exists today and we expect him to be living well into the future ages.

God established himself in human history before the first human being took his first breath. In the beginning he created the heavens and the earth the place where we exist and what we call home. The things we see and touch that affects our everyday life proclaim the deity of our creator. Therefore man has no excuse rather man can perceive God embedded in his environment to believe that God exists.

In the creation God is the person who since creation established a history working with man and still working with man to the present day. When we look at his existence today he is the author of our salvation. Jesus is the person through whom we have access to the father and gain entry into his kingdom. Still he is an ever present help in our time of need for when we call on him he comes to our aid.

Still if we were to look to our future we would see our Lord and Savior coming in the clouds of glory. Through faith we have an expectation that in our future Jesus will come to deliver us from this world of sin and take to the new world where sin will not exist. God is a God of tomorrow for his kingdom is without end and will continue throughout the countless ages to come.

God is the beginning and the end and perhaps that term is better applied to the earth age because his kingdom will last forever. Throughout human history the God who said his name was I am who I am has always been held in awe. His name has never changed perhaps that name represents whom he is, exalted and higher than any other name.

His name speaks of an eternal life span and a name we will know him by throughout the countless ages of tomorrow. Still the name I am who I am is a name that has meaning to those who have died as it will to those yet born. It is a sacred name that transcends time and speaks of his divine nature.

Throughout human history God has been the first and the last. He was present at creation and will be present on the Day of Judgment. He is present on this very day because I am. Man is destined to die once and after that to face judgment but that day in his presence our deeds will determine whether we continue our lives in his kingdom. For some it will be the last day of their human existence but for those who accepted God and his plan of salvation their life will never end.

Just as the name I am who I am will never change, the name of God reveals his character and a disposition that never changes. He has an eternal outlook on life that lives by moral principles to lift up life so life can be enjoyed to the full. His love is such that he wants to share that life with his treasured possession the children who obey him.

This world is temporal so the permanency of God has nothing on earth to compare to. It means that what we know of life is here today but a thing of the past when God comes in his glory. Gods kingdom will not go away and it will not be shaken. The life of God is offered by those who have rejected the life of sin and given themselves to serve Christ throughout the coming ages.

The name I am who I am is revered sacred by many Christians across the world because it identifies the God of creation and the person who rules the world and all life on it. Christians often identify the lost by their language because those who are rebelling against Gods authority use his name to curse everything that walks wiggles or craws.

Its evident the name I am who I am is not revered by the majority of mankind for the words men use betray them. However to those being saved from wickedness of this world his name is honored above all others and one that is sought for relief. They see the gracious nature of a loving God who does not want them to perish but have life more abundantly.

Can we say I am has sent me to you or to any person in the world. The answer is yes. He has commissioned us to go into the entire world to make disciples of Jesus Christ and to teach them everything God has commanded us to do. The reverence we have for the name of God I Am Who I Am will compel us to go.


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