Honest Versus Deception

Every person has a need to be honest with themselves. For this reason we must examine our lives to see if we are attempting to be more than what we really are. Do we really present ourselves to other people as other people see us? Do others respect the way we live and do others personally trust us? If we are to be honest and persuasive among our peers we must be credible and truthful to make ourselves believable. In the same way the honest person works to maintain a right standing with others must include a personal integrity in everyday affairs with other men and women.

In the business world men and women are taught to create a good first impression. However the first impression is often a pretense to deceive.  There can be no pretense, the fact of what we are should be what we project and the impression that we leave is of a person knowledgeable of what we are selling and using words of truth.  Honesty is generally considered to incorporate an honorable and trustworthy life. Still this attitude must contain truth as these attributes represent a person who has motivated to be fair with you. Having an honest person working for you is an asset that you will cherish as his character is one your clients will trust.

Honesty has a obligation to be fair with other people. Perhaps we can see the picture of honesty in the golden rule, to do unto others the same as you want from them. God used the scales and balances as an example of honesty. Scales and balances can be rigged and weights can be manipulated in favor of the operator. However truth cannot be rigged or manipulated for anyone, because the truth remains the same today yesterday and tomorrow. Having honest weights is fair to both parties who want to be dealt with justly.  

 When dishonesty is present, truth will expose deceit and the news of deceit will spread like wildfire and ruin follows the corrupt person. By establishing your life through a disposition of honesty you receive the desired trust of the men and women you work with and your honesty will spread by word of mouth.

A man is established through honesty and he will become a person of worth to other men and women. Men and women unconsciously value the worthwhile, beneficial and usefulness of people around them for their reasons such as their need. The person who is honest and consistently speaks the truth has a virtue that will assist them on their road to success and prosperity.

The honest person looks at his life and evaluates his or her worth to other people and then develops a system of morals to deal with the issues of life. He looks at how the other person may perceive them and considers a way where both parties benefit and keeps his or her integrity intact. Considerate and reputable people do not take advantage of other people, but make their dealings equitable.  

People respect people who are sincere, of solid character, ethical, and have a system of morals that do not harm them personally.  Honesty is a part of an ethical armor, like a belt of truth that is connected to the breastplate of righteousness. The sword of truth is also hangs on the belt just as the truth is to be spoken in love. Putting on the armor of God means that you are using the same attributes God developed for his life. Consider that God is known for his fairness and straightforwardness of conduct therefore, if you imitate and live by Godís morals you will earn a good reputation.

However there must be a commitment of your Spiritís will to be honest, for all it takes is one lie to destroy your character.  A lie is a statement deliberately presented as being true but is really meant to deceive. Honesty does not leave a false impression but gives a reliable statement that can be trusted and relied upon. A commitment to being honest must be like a contract that you will not violate because there are consequences for each infraction. The consequence that everyone has for being deceptive is that it takes several years to restore a character of honesty.

A commitment of honesty is almost impossible when our will power has been corrupted. We must also commit our self to be honest even when it hurts. When we know there is a consequence for being in the wrong, own up to it for people are willing to understand and forgive. The temptation to be right and If we donít own up to what we have done, we may lie to save face.  

Honesty must be an absolute personal moral condition that resists any corruption requiring you to lie, cheat, defraud, steal or deceive. These attributes of deception belong to Satan and his children. So why does Satanís family have these attributes?  Is it because these attributes are self-centered with a hope you will come out on top smelling like roses.  As a member of Godís family, honesty is an absolute refusal to lie, steal, or deceive in any way because they are sins, detested by our father in heaven.

Having a sincere reverence for our Father in Heaven is our only way to overcome the deception of sin. God not only promotes healthy attributes of integrity, truthfulness, and straightforwardness, but also helps you to govern a spiritual and have a mental process to employ them. God teaches the consequences of dishonesty is a path that leads to ruin and shows verified examples of consequences for those who were dishonest in the past.

The thief comes to steal to kill and to destroy and promotes an act that is self-centered through deception, theft, and destruction. He knows his destination and trembles at the thought that he is at war with God and knows he cannot win. At the same time, he is doing his best to deceive the world and thwart Godís plan. Any misrepresentation of the truth intended to deceive mankind does not come from God. However, the outcome for the person who intends to deceive another person is the place reserved for Satan. The bible tells us,


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