Holy Versus Unholy

Most Christians understand that the word Holy is always associated with the person of God as being sacred and worthy of worship.  Jesus used this term when teaching his disciples the way he addressed his father.

And again

The word Holy is incorporated into the name of the Holy Spirit and the word holy was used by the demon Jesus cast out at synagogue in Capernaum who described Jesus as the Holy One of God.

Every Christian is to consider God in a sacred manner, as in all his dealings he is morally pure which reflects his disposition. In other words, God is holy because he has learned to master any thoughts of evil and take them in control in order to maintain a holy life. God has established a disposition founded on love mercy and compassion and blended within a higher standard of conduct that deserves the highest degree of respect.

However holy is used of men after they have become children of God as God considers his children to be his holy ones. Remember it is a natural thing for parents to train their children to think and act in ways they think is right in their eyes. In the same way God trains his children to think and act in ways he approves which is holiness. Paul used the term holy (rendered as Saints) when he wrote to the church at Rome.

The phrase called to be saints becomes important when it is the normal process for all Christians to become more like Christ. Just as the instruments used for worship in the Old Testament were ceremonially cleansed before being declared holy, so the children of God are cleansed from sin. In salvation, the saints become an instrument of worship that is cleansed from sin with the blood of Christ.

We struggle with sin regularly and fail repeatedly in our human strength while we make the effort to become more like Christ. Our sin nature is part of us and must be ruled over by our spirit to become holy. At the same time we must learn to trust God and allow him to work in our lives.

 Keep my decrees and follow them. I am the Lord, who makes you holy. Leviticus 20:8, Leviticus 22:32, Exodus 31:13  Ė I am the Lord, who makes them holy. Leviticus 21:23, Leviticus 22:9, Leviticus 22:16

All of the above passages refer to a requirement to obey God for every person that calls on the name of God must turn from wickedness. With the attitude of love, it is compelling to obey God, for by observing the royal law to love the Lord our God, gives you a passion to please him.

Because we have been redeemed from the ruler of this world, it is considered to be our reasonable act of worship, as the sons of God to renew our minds to know his good and perfect will.  Through the consequences sin brings into our lives we learn Godís reasoning for hating sin and why we should hate evil with the same passion.

Everyone that receives Jesus Christ as Lord is given the right to become the children of God but it is a choice God makes. We call this born again.  

The adopted children of God are Godís holy ones or saints that are in Christ and indwelt by the fullness of the Deity. They are empowered from on high to live a life consistent with the morals that God approves of. These morals establish the righteousness of Christ in us.  Yet Christís righteousness cannot be obtained in our own strength, it requires a personal relationship with God and an effort to purify our lives from all unrighteousness. It is a cooperative effort of keeping God in the leadership role and our willingness to be a servant that obeys his word.

The holy ones or Saints are under the protection of God. The bible speaks of those God protects as men and women God has placed a hedge around them. The saints are those whom are surrounded by the angels of God and those who seek the shadow and refuge of Godís wings.  The man that God gives his Holy Spirit to and those who are declared holy will stand in the presence of God Ė on holy ground.  Over all it is the person whom God determines and declares holy are the only ones that are holy.

Holy is also a term God uses to describe the way of life he considers sacred and worthy to revere. God regards the holy life as a solemn undertaking, which requires a plan and the resolve to live by the demands of holiness. There are no double standards as the holy life sets a high standard of personal conduct based on decisions that are made from absolute truth, a truth that avoids deceit and wrongdoing of all forms.

   The unholy are those who refuse Godís kindness and salvation.   They are members of the world and children of Satan who have rebelled against Godís authority and indulged in adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, wrath, strife, seditionís, heresies, envying, murders, drunkenness, reveling. They are liars, unbelievers, thieves, greedy, drunkards, cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, and those who practice deception. While God loves them as a person their deeds are not considered worthy of eternal life and will be rejected for all of eternity due to their deeds.


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