Holiness Versus Corruption

To understand holiness one has to ask why God would demand this quality over others? The answer may lie in his attributes as God is eternal, a God of order, a God of Love and a God of peace. What we find is that holiness incorporates all of these qualities, which in turn makes heaven a place without sin, of rest, stability and desirable for oneís home. The acceptance of holiness as a way to conduct your life makes it possible to maintain a right relationship with God and everyone of like mind.

Holiness is a disciplined way of life that shapes Godís disposition, keeping his behavior in check and holiness is the demeanor that God trains his children to nourish, respect and employ. Everything in life has a proper procedure that produces a desired outcome. When those procedures are violated or part is left out there is a consequence, which requires you retrace your steps or start over. Godly behavior has procedures that must be adhered to and when these procedures are violated God calls your behavior sin. However, before you can resume a proper order of life, one has to make amends for his sin.

   Holiness is a way of life approved by God based on morals, which conforms to a concern for others and Godís will. The character of holiness considers the sanctity of life, respect for others and the understanding that everyone wants the same quality of life that you desire. In the same respect, personal holiness elevates God to everyone you encounter to a place of importance, dignity, integrity and nobility.

God blesses the person with a holy character, for holiness is a characteristic that continues to build another personís worth up. To God all life is sacred and he treats everyone the same way without partiality. At the same time the life of holiness creates a condition of rest among those you encounter. Who is going to harm you if you do not react to the evil you receive, but return blessing for the slander of others.

Followers of Christ are called to do good works to honor God our heavenly Father and avoid the sin of the world. The works of the world creates unrest, confrontation, mental anguish, strife and tension. None of these qualities is desirable in anyoneís eye. Therefore, a plan is needed for living that would eliminate the hardships produced by sin and establish a way to live having complete peace with others and keep a clear conscience.

Who can argue with the holiness of God and who can find fault in the way he treats his creation?  From the beginning of time God has pursued a course of peace with man, caused by disobedience and sin. He offered man blessings for obedience and curses for disregarding his commands. He offered man a system of Sacrifices for reconciliation, the means of reinstating holiness in Godís sight. Finally he sent his Son to be the atonement sacrifice for man and to pay the penalty of sin. With this plan man could be reinstated to God and have a continuous relationship with God.

He gave man the right to become the children of God when they accept Jesus as Lord. However, no one can make or set Jesus Christ apart as Lord unless they obey his commands. This requires that you to make God a priority of your life just to be his servant.  You, your life and everything God has given to you is something to be yielded to God. The life of holiness demands a devotion to make you accountable to God alone.  Paul described your personal holiness in this way.

Most Christians find true holiness hard to live and it is because they are in the world and constantly seeing the truth of God being suppressed by the world. When your eyes are focused on the sin of the world its sin captivates your eyes and mind and lures you back into sin. Holiness requires a discipline of the man of God to restrain his ways to live in the spirit and set your eyes on Christ. When you submit yourself to God, the Holy Spirit will empower you to live a life of holiness. With this in mind, letís remember that the sin nature is always hostile to holiness and God. Therefore, we must consider that the way of sin is a path to death, but the life of holiness leads to life with God.

Gratifying the sinful nature amounts to self-centeredness and says that I am more important than all the other people of the world. In the same respect gratifying your sinful nature shows your lack of concern for those who are less fortunate. It doesnít take into account that you are just one of many who are in the same boat trying to receivethe approval of God on Judgment day.

When God speaks of corruption, he addresses the moral condition of the person that allows the sin nature they inherited from Adam to control his mind and actions. The corrupted person does not discipline his life to restrain or avoid sin, or consider that they are accountable to God. The arrogance of the sin nature informs its owner that they are good enough for Heaven. When the Bible says,  


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