Heaven Versus Earth

Probably one of the best known verses in Christendom next to John 3:16 is Genesis 1:1. From this verse comes the undeniable origin of Earth and the race of man who was given dominion over Godís creation.  At the same time God has established himself as the one and only creator of the earth that man dominates.  

When we open our eyes to see, we can see that the heavens declare glory of God as the work of his hands. No two clouds look the same, not every cloud brings rain, not every cloud is the same color and not every cloud at the same altitude.  The clouds provide shade from the heat of the sun, yet God rides in the clouds with an inquisitive mind in search of the righteous.

Throughout the earth the glory of God is appears to be endless. Those who worship the sun and moon see Godís glory, but do not realize that the vastness of the heavens declare the glory of the God that created them. They know that the sun has risen in the east and set in the west as long as they can remember and know that the sun will rise again tomorrow.  

God is awesome when the heavens are darkened with rain clouds and God sends his bolts of lightning striking his target dead center. The lightning bolts light up the heavens and is seen from one end of the earth to the other. Lightning is often accompanied the clatter of electricity and the sound of rolling thunder. The sound of thunder so loud that it can shake the very ground you are standing on and put the fear of God into the recesses of your heart.

Man was given dominion over the earth, but the dominion of the heaven over the earth belongs to the Lord. The heavens are used by the Lord to bring glory to God, but the heavens are also used to discipline mankind. The Bible tells us that,

Out of all the evil God saw, he found a righteous man named Noah, who he used to save eight persons from the flood that he was sending. Noah prepared an ark of safety at Godís command for his family and the animals God created and when the timing was right the rain came. The floodwaters raised the arc above the mountains of the earth and everything on the earth with breath perished. The animals, Noah and seven others remained on the arc for over a year before they were permitted to leave the arc.     

After leaving the arc, God commanded Noah and his family to be fruitful and increase in number. He made a covenant with Noah and the generations to come not to cut man off the earth or destroy the earth by flood again and placed his rainbow in the sky as a sign of his covenant.  This rainbow is like the brilliant light that surrounds God and our Savior, like a rainbow in the clouds on a rainy day, so was the radiance around him. This is the glory of the Lord (Ezekiel 1:28).

As the Lord left Abrahamís tent and headed towards Sodom and Gomorrah God confided with Abraham that they were going there to see if the outcry against the people was as grievous as the reports they heard. When they arrived Lot found them and persuaded them to come to his home. Even under the customs of the land when guests entered your home they were in the protection of the ownerís house. Because the men of Sodom and Gomorrah had given themselves over to sexual immorality and perversion they violated the hospitality of Lotís home and demanded that his guests be handed over to them. The men of Sodom and Gomorrah insisted on having Lotís guests for their pleasure but the Lord pulled Lot inside the house and ordered him and his family flee to the mountains. Unable to physically flee to the mountains they settled on a small town called Zoar. When Lot and his two daughters reach the protection of Zoar, the wrath of God erupted and the poured burning sulfur upon the plain of Sodom and Gomorrah and surrounding suburbs, overthrowing them.

The heavens supported Moses when God judged Egypt bringing Locust to devour the produce of Egypt.  Again the winds brought doves to the Israelites when complained. Hail fell on Joshuaís enemies and the Sun stood still over the Valley of Aijalon (Joshua 10:12).

Forty days after the resurrection Jesus led his disciples into the valley near the garden of Gethsemane and ascended before their eyes. Disappearing in the cloud two men appeared asking why they were staring at the sky. What they said next might have blew their minds as they said,

The words of prophetic truth that Jesus spoke at his trial in the Sanhedrin were not heard by his disciple but by men who refused to believe that Christ was the Son of God.

The bible tells us that the earth is temporal, one day the skies will be rolled up the earth and everything on it will be laid bare. On that day the earth will flee from Godís presence and God will create a new Heaven and a new Earth that has not been corrupted with sin. Then the New Jerusalem, the dwelling of God will come down to the earth where God will dwell with his people forever.


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