Healthy Versus Sick

Itís hard to believe that the health of a person affects how they treat another person, but it really does. Normally a healthy person is full of life under normal conditions are polite, courteous and nice to be around. On the other hand, when that same person has something affecting his health he or she can become stubborn, grumpy and rude. Health changes a person outlook on life and the way they feel is often reflected in his or her actions.

It is not unusual that personal health affects your relationship with life and death. Some health problems are curable while others have the potential of taking your life and still others are guaranteed to shorten your life.  With the help of medical science, we strive to stay in good health but we are still faced with the promise of God that it is appointed once for man to die. Then we are summoned to appear before God for judgment.

Consider this, men do not fear death as much as the outcome of Godís judgment. On Earth we have a reasonable environment that supports life whether good or evil. However, the outcome of Godís judgment has two destinations. One that supports a life of abundance and another that keeps you on the brink of death.  Hell is for the spiritually dead person who is by choice being separated from God for eternity in a cordoned off area designed to prevent the sick from mingling with the healthy.

We must consider that being separated from God guarantees eternal death in our personal lives.  No one with a rational mind would choose to pursue a course of action that would end in his or her in a place of torment. However for a lack of knowledge and neglect even people various degrees of higher education and intellect overlook the obvious. God created the Earth and everything on it. God had a purpose for creating man giving him dominion over the Earth, but embedding the knowledge of Heaven and Hell in their spirit. Godís purpose was to make you aware of his person and that he created the earth to be inhabited with millions of people.

God created man in two forms one that can be seen and another that rules the spirit, which is not seen. From a human standpoint creating man in two forms of life seems far-fetched. However we use both forms in normal everyday life without realizing it. There many kinds of food that nourishes and sustains the body, but the intellect (spirit) that rules our life needs knowledge to mature as a person. However there are many forms of knowledge, one for every occupation and knowledge is the means to earn, shape and preserve the comfort of the body.  All men have a basic knowledge concerning our physical health, hygiene and common courtesies. However, not everyone has adequate knowledge concerning his or her spiritual health, as the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.

Most people understand that normal health exists during good times when can function properly.  We also understand that when we are sick our feelings and functions are seriously affected. From a physical standpoint a virus has invaded our body and has corrupting parts of the body causing them to malfunction and that fault affects the rest of our body.  However, most people do not understand that normal spiritual health only exists when our relationship with our Lord and Savior is in functioning properly. Sin is the spiritual type of virus that corrupts our spirit, destroys our relationship with God, and will quarantine you and separated you from God.

The world has been corrupted with the evil desires of the heart. They refuse to listen to their creator who does not want them to perish. If they world only open their eyes and ears to their creator, then they would understand with their spirit and turn from the evil thoughts and deeds of their spirit and be healed by God. (Matthew 13:15.)

Sound reasoning dictates that spiritual health demands the knowledge of God and knowing the cause for sin. Sin is created when we allow our evil desires to perform deeds that lead to spiritual death. Sin has its origin when we sanction the breaking of Godís law to satisfy our own evil desires. After Adam and Eve ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil they knew that they had disobeyed God and hid from his presence. God hates sin but he has given man many promises to escape the corruption of sin.

Throughout the Bible we see several stories that illustrate the sinful nature of man. The bible gives us several examples of turning from God during the kingdom era. During this period the Israelites saw other nations having good harvests and prospering while they were serving idols made of wood and stone. They began to worship godís that could not save them. Unfortunately they became stubborn allowing all sorts of evil to creep into their life. There came a time when God said let their godís save them and sent heathen rulers and nations to pillage the work of their hands. They took them captive and reduced the Israelites to slavery.  Now that they were in slavery, they remembered the good times and cried out to God for mercy. Even today men seldom give God the time of day even have thoughts about him. When we ignore God we open our lives to sin and seldom consider if God would approve of our plans.  

Sin is always around seeking to devour, harm and separate you from God. The desire to sin is a choice but it is a choice that God has given you the right to say no to! Godís has embedded his laws in men so men would understand that sin is entirely self-destructive. They also know that sin punishable by death, but they continue to sin and approve the sin of others. Sinners seldom consider what they will do when God confronts them and how they will answer God when calls them to account?


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