God At Work In Us

It may seem that God cannot exceed our expectations, he does it on a regular basis. When I seek the Lord I find his answers fill my heart with joy and unexpected pleasure. However there are other times when I seek the Lord, I just canít seem to focus on what the Lord is saying as my mind is on other things.

Still we live in a world where there has to be a reason for the failures we experience. We know that the mind is far from perfect but we still look for the reasons why things are not going right so we may place the blame on something other than ourselves. At the same time when we attempt to reason out why are not going the ways we want, we beat ourselves up mentally to determine what we done wrong.

Letís ask this question. Are we putting some kind of barrier up so God cannot have his way? And are we refusing to listen to God because he is openly speaking about your faults that he wants to change?  What I found is that I am stubborn and want to do things in my way.  I also found God to persevere even when I have been overly stubborn. The fact is I want things to be right with God more than I want to have things done my way.

What I found is that I canít have my way in every matter and regardless of how I feel, and I must allow God to be sovereign in my life. What I also found is that when I am not alert, the enemy of my soul has crept in with a number of distractions.

Because of these distractions I cannot do what pleases God just because I cannot keep my mind on the things the spirit desires. My mind becomes a battle ground that wars against itself for I want to do the things of God but my sin nature rebels against the things of God.

How do I take Godís word to heart if I do not allow his word to have precedence in the things I do?  I know that I can be stubborn especially when I want things my way. The question why canít I use this stubbornness to overcome the distractions that I am experiencing?

I found that praying and reading Godís word aloud helps me to focus but I also know that apart from God I can do nothing. If I am to take God seriously I need to know what God expects of me and take what I have learned and put those principles into practice. These draw me closer to God.

Putting those principles into practice means that certain habits must change and most of us Christians would say itís easier said than done. Many would say changing habits to please the Lord is nearly impossible, but itís at this time when we should take the time to take this problem to God who does the impossible twenty fours of the day seven days of the week.

Letís remember the scriptures say the fullness of deity dwelt in Jesus Christ and because Christ lives in us, the fullness of deity lives in us yesterday, today and tomorrow. It is easy to forget some of the promises that God has made, but somehow we must keep the fact that God cares for us and will do what it takes to help us cross the finish line to capture the prize of life. He promised,

At this point we must ask do we believe that the fullness of deity lives in us and how much of our life do we entrust into the care of our Lord?

God is in us but is he able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine? In other words how much authority do you allow God to have? What I found is that there are areas of my life that I have not yielded to God but I know he is still working on me.

Still it is those areas that we must entrust our lives into the care of Jesus Christ. One aspect of taking Godís word to heart is the commitment to trust Godís word and if God has revealed a promise to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine than we should expect God to more than we ask or imagine.

Being sure that God will do everything his promises state takes time and practice. The bible tells us that God did not give us a spirit of timidity (fear) and yet we hesitate to trust that God will do a miracle for us.

When we ask God to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, we must not doubt, hesitate, or wonder if he will answer your prayer.

The power is in us but are we asking Jesus to do things for us in ways that honor God. Do we appreciate those who doubt the ability to keep our promises, when they donít - it certainly makes you wonder if they really know us?  Sowing doubt when asking God to answer our prayers has a side effect of reaping distrust in the reliability you have in God. That man should not think he will receive anything from the Lord; he is a double-minded man.

What this man is asking of God is the right thing to do but there is an expectation issue. He is the person that says God can say no, not now, or later. You might say he believes in the power of God but he also believes the deceptive lies of Satan that robs God of the power that is in you.      


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