Gift Versus Wages

The bible talks about a number of gifts that God gives to human beings, which are not, based on a relationship with him. For example, we may not think of rain as a gift, but would the human race survive without rain? Rain is one example of the gifts God gives without being partial to anyone. One could easily think that God gives mankind gifts based on human need more than any other reason.

God saw man in a helpless state and did something to relieve that condition. We often think of agape love as having a close intimate relation, however agape is a love of benevolence and can be rendered as charity.   For this reason, God said, what good is our faith if we see someone in need and do nothing about it? Donít we understand that a cup of cold water does wonders to a person that is hot, sweaty and exhausted?

God saw man in his helplesscondition of sin and sent his son into a world to demonstrate the way of truth through the life as Jesus Christ. They saw a man similar to themselves without an appearance that distinguished him as God in the flesh.   In addition, God gave Jesus Christ thirty years of experience living with man that was completely unaware about the kingdom of God and lived as they saw fit. He taught us several kingdomlaws through the parables and gave them in such a way that those who had eyes and ears ould understand them. Today Christians still learn godly principles that help them to succeed in everything they put their hands to do.  Not all of the gifts from God are based on knowledge, as some of the gifts can be used to earn a living, to help other people in our service to God. There are gifts that are given in this age and gifts that will be given sometime in the future. There is God given gifts that go unused for the most part, such as the gift of life. How many Christians do not know what their ministry gift is? On the other hand, how many Christians do something in the church that they are skilled at?

A few men are wealthy, owning the best of homes, cars, boats, and clothing. However, they were not given a gift to enjoy their wealth. They strive for the next dollar and when they suddenly lose what they have and they lose hope and they cannot bear to live any longer. However, there are some that God made wealthy and were given the gift to enjoy life. At the same time those who enjoy life use their money wisely to help other people enjoy their life.  

Some of Godís gifts come in the form of a talent. Even the gifts that we use in our hobbies can be used to serve another person. Itís not compulsory to use our God given gifts for Godís glory as they are ours to use as we see fit, but how do we love God properly if we donít use what we have at our disposal? Every  child is taught to share what they have with their brothers and sisters. The gifts God has given each of us are meant to be shared with everyone we encounter in our daily walk.

On the other hand God has given spiritual gifts that are to be used for Godís glory. Some Christians are given the talent to teach and others the gift of mercy. Prophecy may be the only gift that are given to church leaders. A man or woman who canít stand to see trash on the floor of the church also has a neat home, neatness is a gift from God. Another gift of God is the church piano player who can play any tune you can hum, but cannot read sheet music. Some of Godís gifts are miraculous and others are developed through experience, but all of the gifts are necessary for Godís purpose to succeed.

Godís gifts are given to men to funnel them into his service. However, some men and women are not certain of the gift God has given them. Is it possible you are using Godís gift and are not be aware that you have a gift? Have you looked at what you find yourself doing consistently?  A handshake, a smile, being friendly is things you can do, but the talent to listen to the woes of another person when you yourself are hurting is a gift of God.

Do we see that the church is properly maintained? In every church the door squeaks for lack of oiling, lights burn out, the snow need shoveling, and the computer needs maintenance. Every church has members who can do at least one of those jobs and should be willing to menial things for God. Those who do the work may not have a God given talent to do those jobs, but they make themselves available.

When speaking on the Holy Spirit Jesus said that we give good gifts to our children. More often we give gifts to our children that they want and have need for. In the same way God gives us his Holy Spirit to guard our lives and help us to live a life acceptable to God.

Itís wonderful to know that the gifts God gives to man are ours to keep and use as we see fit. While Godís gifts are given freely and irrevocable, (Romans 11:29) the principles that our father teaches us to live by should govern the way we use the gifts of God. He tells us what you have been freely given, freely give to others.

We have a choice, we can use the gifts God gives to us to honor him or we can adopt the gifts the world instills into our character. Those gifts are greed, self-importance and the need to look after self. When you earn all that you want and did it the way you see fit without accepting God into your life, you have your reward. Lacking God becomes your major accomplishment in life and therefore the wages you have earned will be given to you on judgment day. For those who do not want God in their life the reward for what you have done during your life is a place no one wants to go.  


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