Generous Versus Hoarding

Traditionally, generosity is associated with the money that a person gives in charitable manner, rather than giving from what you have. The appearance of being generous can be a matter of pride displaying your wealth with compassion. The reality of the worldís generosity is associated with the selfish desire for what you acquire something in return. Letís not forget that in America you receive a tax incentive for giving to charity.

Outside of tradition, generosity is a behavioral issue taught in the home. It begins with the concept of sharing the toys with their brothers and sisters. Sharing the toys with their brothers and sisters doesnít mean that the child has to give the toy away.  It means that you want your child to understand that the toy is not an all-important possession but something that others can enjoy. When you think about generosity, teaching your child to share is another way to break your child of being self-centered and selfish.

Generosity is an admirable characteristic of nobility that honors the less fortunate with human dignity. It is a character that God wants each of his children to adopt and use throughout their lives. With God, generosity is seen as much in the things that he bestows as giving his life.

Forgiveness is a quality that all men have, but do we forgive freely. As parents we are able to forgive our children a number of times for doing the same thing. Really there is no limit that our children can go that we cannot forgive them. However, there comes a time when we recognize that our children refuse to behave in the manner we trained them and they show no signs of remorse. It seems pointless to forgive when you know that they will do it again, but our father wants us to forgive them regardless of what they have done or the number of times they done it. Christians tend to forget the number of times our father in heaven has forgiven us of our sins.

Another form of generosity is honoring another person above our own life. We have to recognize at times that life seems to be unfair and there are times when the circumstances of life bring about desperate conditions. Without forewarning, there is nothing more disappointing than going where you have worked for the last twelve years to find an out of business sign and a locked door.  What will you do when your paycheck is gone, your savings have dwindled and you can no longer pay the rent or buy food? Itís wonderful to have Christian friends that come to your rescue to lift your spirits and help out with the bills.

God asks us to love one another including those who have become our enemies and then pray for those who deliberately mistreat you. Every Christian knows someone who scorns our beliefs and downplays the importance of God in our life saying we are foolish to believe such things. Itís difficult to show love to someone not attracted to God and offends you by being totally ignorant about your feelings for Jesus Christ. Their words and actions demonstrate their lack of respect for the one person you highly esteem. 

And yet that person is a person Jesus Christ gave his life so that he would not perish. Perhaps we do not see beyond our rejection and see the potential that Jesus Christ sees in the person persecuting you. The person that is scoffing and ridiculing you right now could be the next prophet God has chosen to lead his people. Each of us has family members that do not have a personal relationship with God and are facing the wrath of God. Each of them has a kind nature to them and a tremendous potential to be an outstanding Christian. Christians donít often think of being generous with their patience as being a way to bring people to Christ.

Jesus remained silent while the men God chose to build his church called him a blasphemer. He was silent while they pulled at his beard slapped his face and pushed thorns into his forehead. They shredded his back with whips embedded with fragments of bone and metal. Then in his weaken condition made him carry the cross to die upon to a hill and be displayed as a criminal. The people he came to save, those who sang hosanna now cried crucify him. The suffering and pain and utter rejection from those who did not know what they were doing anguished at his soul. Dying for a crime he did not commit, rejection, humiliation, the pain of his flesh was mounting on his shoulders. For most people the terror of that day would have been more than they could bear.

It must have been hard to endure the cross so that the sin of so many could be atoned for. However, it took an abundance of humility for Jesus Christ to resist the temptation to call on twelve thousand legions of his fatherís angels to rescue him from his suffering. He pointed no fingers or named anyone, but he asked his father to forgive them. We learn that God forgave and that his forgiveness continues to this day.

Your generosity should not be restricted to dollars and cents. Your relationship with other people depends on what or how much you are willing to give of yourself and use what God has given you to serve the needs of your neighbor. Are you willing to show respect, forgive them, help them, have compassion and most importantly share Jesus with them? In comparison, the person who hoards works tirelessly to protect and keep what he has and says Iím looking after number one.


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