Gathering Versus Scattering

Christians long for the day when Jesus Christ will send his angels to gather his elect and that day we will meet Christ in the air. What is unknown is the date and hour of his return, what is known is that God will continue to record all of our deeds until then. Therefore we should be about the Lordís business.

Please note that the words with me  reflect Godís viewpoint but apart from God we can do nothing. However, it also shows that God desires to gather the fruit of the earth with the help of his people. Throughout Godís word, God instructs his disciples to go into the world and preach the gospel.

God wants men to believe in him through faith because without faith it is impossible to please him. The faith that pleases God is the ability to rely and place your confidence in every word and promise God has made. Faith comes by hearing the word of God and it is for this reason that the word of God must be preached. Preaching should never be entirely left in the hands of ministers for God has called every disciple to go and preach. Preaching can be done in your home and place of work, demonstrated by the way you live or by teaching one phrase at a time.

How do you draw people to God if you show less reverence for God during the week than you do Sunday mourning? Are you life like a billboard strategically placed on the side of roads where men travel to advertise Jesus Christ? No matter the church you attend, your life display a visual picture to the eyes of the world. The worldís perception of God comes from what they see of you.

Does the world see Jesus Christ when they look at you? Jesus said if you have seen me that you have seen the father. Jesus was acutely aware of the presence of his father dwelling within him and he openly demonstrated that he was like his father.

Jesus openly admitted that it was not him, but the father that was doing the miracles. We need to admit to the world that Jesus changed our lives and openly demonstrate his influence and presence in our life by the way we live. God is able to do much more than we ask or imagine when you allow him to work in you. (Ephesians 3:20)

Everyone paints a self-portrait of himself or a pattern of habits that they seldom look at. While we are busy with everyday life the picture we paint shows God and the world the way our character really is. However, the character your friends see is more often contradicted by the picture you want them to see. That first impression of the good guy in the white hat is often interrupted by actions that tell them he is really wearing a black hat. In other words your actions reveal the real nature of your life to God and the world.   

People are not aware of the picture they reveal to other people. Your life is a picture that people see and judge you by. In the same manner Christ sees what you are doing because he lives in you. Your deeds tell God whether you are making the attempt to gather or lead someone to the Lord.

Gathering with Christ demands that you make him the lord of the harvest. This allows Christ to choose the field you are to work in and the crop he wants harvested. In other words you follow him and go where he leads.  The fields are harvested through faith in God trusting that he will supply the right words to lead a person to Christ.  God knows that the truth will convince men and women to repent and he knows that the truth will set you free.  Lets remember that not everything on the vine is suited for harvest and men and women have the right to say no thanks.

Christianís disciple men and women into the faith as the great commission dictates. They go into the world and preach the gospel and commit the word of into the care of God who brings in the harvest. Then they teach them to obey the commands of God to firmly establish them as Christians. However the world is a formal adversary that penetrates every area of our life. Without reinforcement of our beliefs and hope for our future, we would revert back to the way of the world.

Gathering to God can be done from our perspective as well as from God eye. Christians like sheep wander off in all directions when they lose sight of the shepherd. Habitually seeking God has its rewards, as when you draw near to God he will draw near to you. Some day soon God will gather you to him and then everyone will see his face.

There are Christians that allow Christ to live in them as long as he remains secluded and they donít have to make time to actively participate with Christ.  Something is wrong about this picture when they say Jesus is lord, but treat him like they are ashamed of him.  On the other hand if you do nothing to seek the lord or help the world avoid the fire of hell, can you say you gathering with the Lord? Obviously, if you are not gathering with God you are scattering in ignorance.


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