Friend Versus Foe

It has been said that if you have more than five true friends in this world you can consider yourself lucky. That phrase says a lot about the nature of the human race. The majority of people are more concerned about things that affect their lives than they are about their friends.  It also tells the Christian that it is nearly impossible to love our neighbors as we love ourselves without Godís help.  

We have friends that we are generally aquatinted with and other friends that we can share our deepest and most sacred secrets with. When one thinks about this, there are some people that we are generally friendly toward and a few that can be intimate with. The difference being the amount of trust you have gained by getting to know them and how they have been towards you.

However, you can be a friend for pure selfish reasons. Some friends can be acquaintances that make you wonder what do they want this time when they appear at your door. After all, they are only friendly when they want something from you. Then you have friends that seem to be too busy to help you out unless it is in their best interest.

A few people want to spend time with you and become an open book by letting you into their life and sharing their personal past experiences with you. Some say that your spouse is one of those five friends that you find during your lifetime. However that is not always true especially when you want to hide from them because they intimidate you or they constantly appear to be angry. On the other hand, love is so fragile that your friend can become an enemy by saying the wrong word at the wrong moment.

Christians sing a testimonial song in church with the following words.  What a Friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefís to bear! What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer!

Prayer is the place we confide our deepest concerns to Jesus Christ our Lord. Jesus is not only our Lord but also the closest friend we will ever have. He is a friend because he is always willing to share his life, his time, and what he has with you. He is ready to drop everything he is doing to help when you need it. One of the wisest men known to man wrote this,

Most Christians think of Jesus Christ when they hear this passage because they know this to be true from experience. They have shared their lives with Jesus Christ and found him to be a friend that knows the right words to encourage you to do the right things and he always responds in a way that shows that he cares for you. We learn from other Christians that he cares for them in the same way, which speaks of his character and says he is deeply concerned for each person individually.

We have much to learn from Jesus, as he has certain qualities built into his personality that everyone admires. Jesus has a profound respect for the lives of others and lives in a thoughtful way to gain the respect of others. He knows that if you want to be respected you have to accept people the way they are and without exception treat your enemies as friends or at least in the same way you expect to be treated.

You must be aware of your actions and how your deeds affect another person. Jesus taught his disciples to obey Godís laws, which is easy to say were enacted to avoid abusing the dignity of another person. On the other hand, the any act of disobedience of Godís law of love stirs up the anger of those affected by your action. We learn that the obedience of Godís law limits your deeds to those that build relationships with an emphasis on another personís wellbeing. Overall, the obedience of Godís law brings out the humane character of kindness, mercy, and compassion, the very essence of Christís character.

At the same time, Jesus gave people hope for their future. His life demonstrated that life was better spent serving the needs of other people and real joy comes from meeting another personís need. In a nutshell Jesus said,

Jesus came to free the world from their depraved nature of sin, but God will not force his grace or the gift of salvation on mankind; instead he offered mankind the option of accepting his grace. He chose to die for the sins of man so man could have eternal life.

 Ultimately the graces of God are the qualities that man finds admirable in friends. If man could adopt the graces of God into their personality and use them to guide their life, wouldnít life be better?  Unfortunately, the selfish nature of the world sees these qualities as allowing another person to use you for their benefit.

There is a degree of trust you place on everyone based on deeds you have experience. You want a friend that will not deliberately harm you and will work with you to establish and sustain a favorable relationship. It is said that you are you own worst enemy and that is true when determining your eternal destiny. In this world, it seems as if everyone has known someone who comes at you purposely with both guns blazing wanting to return what you have done to them.  Chances are that you handed them the ammunition and loaded their guns by what you did. In other words you created your foe


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