Fortune Verses Tragedy

Fortune is the course of events in oneís life that doesnít always lead to success or the accumulation of wealth. Abraham and Job were two of the wealthiest men of the bible that obtained their wealth through obedience and devout worship of God. Was this a happenstance? Fortune may be the course of events governing oneís life but your fortune may not be as favorable.

Fortune is what we think as our fate or what we have been predestined to become. Fortunetellers speak of future events that are destined to affect your life. However, most people believe that we forge our own destiny. Not everyone believes that being fortunate pertains to being lucky? There are people that believe that with the right knowledge we can make our own luck, shape our own destiny, with a high probability of success.

Some people actually believe that their fate has been predetermined and that they can do nothing to change the outcome of their life.  On the other hand, Divine Providence denies the idea that what God created is governed by chance or fate. God does not infringe upon manís choices or deny his responsibility to become a holy person in his sight. God has made it plain that he will judge the inhabitants of the earth by their deeds. With this warning man can find out what pleases God and gain the knowledge to make the proper choices and make the destiny of heaven a reality.

All of the accumulated wealth cannot buy eternal life. Yet eternal life is worth everything a man has in exchange for it. Eternal life is not the effort of a lifetime of work. It is a gift that God bestows on people of his choosing. At the same time eternal life is not given to fortunate people but to those God has found worthy.

Fortune cookies foretell oneís future. Most fortune cookies describe something great is about to come into your life that will affect the rest of your life. Are we to believe in the predictions of fortunetellers? In most cases you have a 98% chance that the prediction will not happen in any shape or form as foretold. However if a prophet of God tells you what will happen in your future, you should listen. We have Godís word that if his word does not come to pass then he is not Godís prophet.

So what is true fortune to any man? What is wealth if you cannot take it with you into the next world? What is the value of accumulated things if they cannot be strained through the sieve of death? What good are material possessions if we are unable to lay our hands on it? The dictionary defines fortune, as a chance happening of good luck when going to heaven is not by chance but a result of a promise.

When we look at the things in heaven we see precious stones gathered around the throne. The crystal sea is the body of Christ, they are precious stones without defect and they are reflecting the light of Jesus Christ and of our God. What God sees, as his fortune is his children, those he gave his one and only son for. He also sees the character of his son Jesus in each member of his family.

The fortune man accumulates is in knowing God and in his son who was sent to earth to atone for manís sin. We were born with nothing and we can take nothing with us except a relationship with God and the deeds done in the flesh. We may not be able to take the things of the world but we can take the things of the spiritual world. We take with us the knowledge of our savior Jesus Christ and the redeeming power of his blood.

Jesus Christ is our portion, he is the way, our life and our resurrection. He is the portion that we are to share with the world so they may taste his goodness and want him for their own. He is the center of our life for without him there is no life beyond the earth.

Christians have the good fortune of living under the protection of God. The devil is a formidable adversary that uses deception as a weapon to destroy our stand in Jesus Christ.  When tempted we can submit to the lordship of God and accept the mercy of Jesus Christ. He is the rock of our salvation and the foundation of truth in which we place our trust. By exercising our trust in God we will never be forcibly taken out of his hand.

Our destiny is in God and in his divine power for he has given us everything we need to live a godly life through our knowledge of him.   Itís through his promises that we are enabled to participate in the divine nature and escape the corruption of this world. We have the ability to know the love of God that surpasses all knowledge and the ability to be filled with the fullness of God.

Accumulated wealth is not found in things that give us creature comfort, but in the things of the spirit that creates and sustains life. Life begins with a personal relationship with our father in heaven and with Jesus Christ the Savior of the world. He shows us the sacredness of life through the truth and demonstrated life, as it should be lived. Any accumulated wealth is a gift that we as stewards of God are to use to show the love of our Father. God is our state of prosperity and without him our hope of resurrection our hope of going to heaven would not exist.

However within all this fortune there is a tragedy of life that is not seen by all men. Those who refuse to learn from God or make an attempt to know what God wants will find tragedy lurking around the corner of life. God will bring them to ruin where they will suffer extreme sorrow because they failed to cope with the truth and develop the moral character God wants. They chose to live as they saw fit and chose the things of this world as their fortune.  The tragedy is that they have exchanged the only source of abundant life, Jesus Christ, to obtain luxuries, power and riches that they will lose only to face Godís judgment when they die.


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