Forthright Versus Guile 

Being forthright is a way of life that insists upon honest dealings with other people regardless of the outcome. Your effort of being forthright can be offensive to some as answers you receive can be blunt and without tact. On the other hand, It tells everyone what you see is what you get.

However the forthright person does not see his or her self as being offensive, but sees life in a black and white manner. They see things with distinct patterns and having simple procedures that cannot be violated. There is a right way to success and a bad way that leads to disaster and they to know want the specifics without sugarcoating.

The forthright want straight answers because they donít need evasive answers that are illustrated to the umpteenth degree or have the lifeís history explained before answering any question. They want to get straight to the heart of the matter to know the practical details. They often think of some answers as a waste of time and effort.

The forthright donít like the aspect of having to read between the lines to get anyway near to the truth. They often present a solution in open and straightforward manner to provide a clear answer.   They are not evasive as their answer is right on the nose and directly to the point.

Jesus gave forthright answers to almost every question and got to the heart of the matter in twenty-five words or less. The rich man was told to sell what he placed his trust in before he could enter the kingdom. The disciples were told they had to eat Christís flesh and blood to be a true disciple. Not knowing how to take the answers some left discouraged and disappointed.

Jesus gave specific examples of everyday life that were described in physical terms but also had spiritual overtones to them. He used figurative language and spoke in parables to reflect the spiritual aspects of heavenly principles. However those without Godís spirit were not able to make sense of the stories or hear the spiritual principles within the parables. In other words they had ears to hear but were unable to understand what they heard.

Those with Godís spirit found a number of truths in every parable. The understanding of each parable can be pondered several times and each time the Spirit of God has the opportunity to present a new specific truth.  God has the ability to highlight a new truth every time you ponder his truth to bring out a point that you need right now. Sometimes he is downright explicit about your relationship with him and what you need to do to correct the situation. At other times he shows you the methods to use what to speak or how to pray.

God offers a forthright way called holiness to live that considers the moral behavior of each person. It is an honest approach to life that respects the rights of other people and establishes both your and their dignity.  It considers that every decision of yours affects those around you and that anyone of your decisions can destroy relationship with other people.  Your decision initiates the control of your behavior and the person affected will judge your deeds for being right or wrong.

Godís plan of salvation is forthright. God sent his Son and gave man the choice to believe in him for their salvation and those who believe in Jesus Christ will not perish. During his lifetime Jesus taught the principles of the kingdom, what was expected of man and that he was the way the truth and the life. Because salvation is a gift there is nothing we can do to warrant life eternal but to believe in the saving grace of God.  However, once we commit our lives to believe on Jesus Christ we must turn away from wickedness.

Salvation is a cooperative effort to work out your salvation with God. Every Christian has the absolute knowledge that if they were to die today they would be with the Lord. God gives his children the assurance of their eternal salvation and they will have life abundantly in heaven.

God is open to anyone who lacks wisdom and promised that he would give knowledge generously. He first revealed his plans to his servants the prophets.

And again Jesus taught about the Holy Spirit.

And when Christ spoke about the end times and his return he said.

Take his word to heart because God is certain that you can be led astray.

God does not want anyone to perish but to come to repentance. He advises a number of things to assure Christians of their future and he is doing everything in his power to see us live an acceptable life. He expects an effort on our part to be Holy in the same way he is Holy and he is aware that you must seek his help to live without sin.

Most Christians know the passage, if you have seen me you have seen the Father. Itís a forthright statement to the disciples about what they saw in Jesus. These words speak of his personal appearance as well of the character of Jesus Christ. He was just as forthright when he spoke of his dedication to his father.

There wasnít any underhanded plan to deceive anyone in the words Jesus spoke. There are people in this world that have forked tongues and you have to read everything they say between the lines. They are sly and untrustworthy, but to interact with them you have to be just as shrewd as they are. You have to know the truth that is able to set you free.


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