Foresight Versus Hindsight

Horrible consequences could have been avoided if we could only have seen how things would have turned out before we started. For the most part people do not look into the future when they make plans to know what will happen. Instead our plans depend on what has happened in the past. Without that experience you can not see the end from the beginning. And at other times plans are based what happened to other people because you have seen what has happened in their lives.

To avoid those consequences you must look at your goals and see what you have to do to achieve a favorable outcome. Most people would rather have minimal success than to be a failure. However everyone should know that God has given everyone the ability to see into the future to know the outcome of our lives knowing that eternal life awaits us.

Ignorance keeps everyone regardless of their stature unaware and uninformed about what goes on in life. Even those who are educated lack knowledge in everything that God has made. Anyone can become a doctor of medicine and not know how to milk a cow. More often men educate themselves in things that interest them, things about their career and things that they have to know to achieve what they need to do. However an education gives you knowledge on the way things work and the ability to plan your future.

Christians are interested in the things of God. They know that God holds their life in his hand literally, (John 10:28). They understand that eternal life is a gift of God and that God wants to give the gift of life to anyone who is sincere about living forever. Jesus said that his words were spirit and life and Revelation 1:3 tells us that those who take the words of God to heart will be blessed.

Why were men blessed for taking God’s words to heart? The answer to this question depends on what you know about God and how well you know him. The serious Christian knows that God is their father and his words are the loving instructions of their father to guide their life. Christians also know that those who obey his word find favor in their father’s eyes and those who disobey can expect his discipline.  

Much that is known about God is experienced in everyday family life. There are certain things your parents will not let you do especially when your deeds cross the line and are wrong in their eyes. Then there are other things they demand of you. Almost everyone has heard their parents say “don’t lie to me or give it back to them”. The more frequently things like this occur the easier to know what your parents are going to do. In other words you know if there will be consequences when you have done something wrong.

It’s the consequences or the rewards from your deeds that gives foresight into what controls your fate or destiny. What is the consequence or reward for graduating from college? The reward is seen in having knowledge of earthly things to earn and forge a better life for you and your family’s future. Yet most schools whether High school or college do not teach you how to get along with God or your fellow man.

The average foresight that men and women have is concerned over things that affect their earthly life. Not everyone has the total picture about what life is all about and some live their entire life unaware of what will become of them in eternity. Death is something most people never think about until their normal life span is almost over. Yet people die and it’s after death that we realize that we may never see them again.

Foresight gives hope for a brighter future. The hope of meeting our loved ones in heaven or knowing life as it should be is out of the reach to those who do not know God. While they know about God they have never considered a need for having a personal relationship with God.  

People will restrain their actions when they know that horrible things will happen because of what they are doing. In the same way, people will respond to the truth of the salvation message when they choose to believe. However, unless the word of truth is preached they will never know that the wages if sin is death and Jesus is ready to forgive their sin. Preaching the word gives people the foresight to know what they can do to inherit eternal life.

The practical side of foresight is that it provides sound judgment in the methods used to live. Everyone respects those who are prudent as they use a commonsense approach in everyday matters. These people are reasonably successful and never have to explain their actions to anyone.

Hindsight recognizes the significance of events when the outcome of planning gives you success. On the other hand hindsight knows the consequence of bad decisions and the reward for making good decisions.  Most people know that bad decisions create a problem that needs to be cleaned up or repaired. However, you cannot undo the damage and it will haunt you the rest of your lives.  

Everyone wants to hear the words of God saying, “well done” and be allowed to pass through the gates of Heaven.  At the same time, no one wants to hear the words “well done” after they have been in hell for billions of years. In this case it is better to have foresight because hindsight never changes the situation you have gotten yourself into.


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