For Versus against

God doesnít beat around the bush but lets you know upfront exactly where he stands and gives you a clear answer about what he is for and against.   God is not a politician with a neutral stand on moral issues, but lives by a set of absolutes that has no space in the middle for a difference of opinion. God does not straddle the fence, take the middle road, score your life on a curve or accept the mediocre. With this in mind we need to consider what is God looking for when he examines our deeds? Is he looking at what actually defines your character and when he looks at your deeds what will those deeds tell God about your life?  

Politicians take neutral stands for your vote. They want those who have a stand on a specific issue to consider them as a viable candidate. These Candidates want you to perceive that they will not vote against your cause and may be the better choice over a candidate that is known to vote against your beliefs.

Taking neutral sides is like a Bugís Bunny cartoon showing a round black bomb lobed in his direction. The cartoon soon centers in on the burning fuse that disappears into the bomb and then it seems as if the fuse died.  There stands Bugs with his fingers in his ears expecting the bomb to go off, but nothing happens. Eventually Bugs goes over and picks up the bomb and looks at it. Only, no sooner than he picks the bomb up, the fuse sparks back to life and Bugs throws the bomb over his back with tremendous explosion in the background.

Neutral stands are loose cannons and like burglars that you will never let you know where and when they will show up. When they do it is really too late to do anything, but clean up the mess they leave behind. The neutral stand is really deceptive because it creates an unknown factor that tricks you into believing that they are standing behind you when they could be standing for the opposition as well.  

Neutral stands present a picture of a spinning bottle. You never know which way it will be pointing when it stops spinning. There are times for games, but eternal life is too serious for playing games with God. More so, the God of creation is a God of absolute principles. He knows the end from the beginning and has planned everything in life to work out for his benefit.

God has other things planned and he needs Christians like you and me to carry out his plans. He wants a personal knowledge to know who is trustworthy. God has made it plain that he wants his children to love him with all their being. The love God demands requires his children to give a hundred and ten percent of themselves to God. Like Jesus Christ giving all you have to give increased his chances of achieving Godís goals.

God does not expect a middle-of-the-road relationship with his children. When you need him he is there to comfort, encourage and provide what you need. He teaches his children to do the same for him and the rest of his family. The way you respond tells your father if you are obeying his teaching and commands. Ultimately your deeds tell your father how to reward you for acceptable behavior or if discipline is needed to obtain the character he demands.

God believes in absolutes, which says there is no middle ground. Putting you whole heart mind and soul into doing things to please God shows God that you have every intention of prospering and having success.  

Being lax shows God the concern you have for working for his purposes and goals. Like the employer walking into the room everyone suddenly finds something to do. Ultimately, laxness takes on the indulgence of non-essential things, things lose importance and begin to take everything for granted and fade in time. Just as the moral fiber of our nation has over the last hundred years.

Taking a stand on moral issues shows everyone why you are concerned and against a specific behavior. Your stand distinguishes the way you think and the way you will treat other people in the days to come.  Because man is a creature of habits, your stand establishes a pattern that God can predict will happen in the future.

Jesus said that man cannot serve two masters at the same time, he will serve one or the other. Then he told a story of a rich man who wanted to know what he had to do to go to heaven. The man was dejected when he was told to sell everything he relied upon and could boast about.

Jesus gave several examples of behavior that God will serve as the guide for Christian character. Who or what you serve will tell God more about your character than all the words and arguments that you can muster. You cannot be hot when you are in ice water, you cannot reap without first sowing the seed and you cannot be good in Godís eye with sin soiled garments.

The same thing is true when you love the things of the world. The world is full of things that are designed to lull you to sleep and keep you from doing the chores your father has assigned you to do. It takes a dedicated effort to do the chores your father has for you to do. Understand this, your father allowed you to have fun after his chores was done and so will your heavenly father.

Jesus went several times to his friend Lazarusís home to rest and relax. Even there Jesus talked about his father and because of this practice God was well known where ever he went. To Jesus, his father business was always on his mind and had priority over everything else.

Unfortunately some are against everything God stands for and they really canít say why. Most donít know what God expects of them but they expect God to accept their life as worthy of eternal life.  They love the very things that God hates and are found lacking moral substance and fortitude. They also ignore the consequences of evil seeing it as bad luck and find it convenient to live as the world does. Ultimately they become self-oriented and do what is right in their eyes.


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