Fellowship Versus Separation

Christians Fellowship is an interaction of people with common interest in their spare times such as playing cards, going to baseball games, having bible studies and potluck dinners. For the most part fellowship is a time where Christianís can have fun and show their love for God and the Lord Jesus Christ. Fellowship can also be taken serious by attending church solely to know more about God take communion and demonstrate our devotion for our Lord and Savior attending a formal worship service. What fellowship does is to let you know that there are like-minded people who love Jesus as much as you do.

However there is another kind of fellowship and that is in sharing the problems and injured feelings we have with our fellow Christians. It gives us strength as a group to take every problem great or small to our Father through the name of Jesus.  Group prayer releases the awesome power of God and the answer that meets our need is on its way. It gives us encouragement after hearing testimony after testimony about the various answers that God has given to our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

Secondly, by sharing our problems with one another is like group therapy where you can derive a sufficient amount of advice that can be trusted. The genuine advice you receive is not out to sell a product, but sound advice that others found that worked for them when they went through a similar trial. Sometimes the best advice is to place your trust in God and know he has the solution to your problems.  

Fellowship is described as having companionship with other individuals similar to the relationship we have with Jesus Christ and our heavenly father. Normally fellowships establish a common place to meet, such as a sanctuary, lodge, or hall. Rules are set up so everyone can enjoy the facility, feel comfortable and feel free to discuss what is on their mind. For Christians the church is governed by a constitution drawn up by its leadership, but every Christians has a place within their spirit where God dwells.

Fellowship with God begins as soon as we accept Jesus Christ as Lord. Immediately Jesus Christ comes into your heart and because the fullness of deity is in Christ, God dwells in you.  Since you are children adopted by God, you are also granted full access to the throne of God. Therefore, your body becomes a house where your immediate spiritual family lives under the same roof. In other words, our body becomes the common place for fellowship with God. The easiest way to meet with God is through our devotions, bible reading, study, prayer and pondering his word. This kind of fellowship having interaction with God occurs within the confines of the heart of man.

Within the church other likeminded Christians that share the same beliefs, desires, and goals. Together they listen to the spoken word, pray for the same concerns and make an effort to propagate the gospel both outside the church. Most churches are the origin of other fellowship groups such as studies into Godís word, men and womenís groups, youth activities, card clubs such as euchre, baseball teams and a number of other activities suited for Christians.  

The most sacred fellowship is taking communion for by taking the elements you partake in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Jesus said, do this in remembrance of me knowing Jesus died for the forgiveness of my sin. It should be a humbling experience to know that the Son of God chose to die in your place and pay the penalty that you deserved.  Yet God so loved the world that he gave his only son so whoever would believe in him would not perish (John 3:16.)

Christians entered a covenant with God when they accepted Jesus Christ as Lord. Our covenant with Jesus is the foundation of our Christian life and the basis for communion with God. Jesus was sent by God to the earth to reconcile man to God. Although God is all knowing, Jesus had to become a human being to completely understand and share in the trials and sufferings of mankind.  

In the same way, just as Jesus suffered through the trials common to all men - we too should learn to submit to God. Trials and temptations gave Jesus the same experiences that all men have, but itís going through these trials we learn to trust in God, shun evil to avoid the consequences that come from our evil desires. Jesus went through similar experiences but it is through experiences that God guides and shapes the making of our decisions. When it comes to the trials we face it becomes an absolute essential to have fellowship with God.

It seems like the larger ministryís is always in need for money.  No one likes fund drives but it is another act that Christians work in one accord for a common goal. Christians are known for their generosity and at times it seems at times it places a stress on our income. We serve a great God who can replace whatever we give but without fellowship with God we would not give. The better our fellowship with God the more Christ like we become, and in time the characteristics of God become a part of our character.

However, without fellowship with God men becomes estranged from common decency. The separation from God allows the lack of restraint, choices that are self-motivated, and actions that no one approves of. There are two kinds of fellowship those you interact with and those you tolerate but donít really associate with. You have fellowship with fellow believers but you also associate with unbelievers. The fellowship with unbelievers is where you are given an opportunity to share the gospel with those that think the gospel is foolishness. Too many places are not designed for fellowship but you have a common interest in the work you share, the food you buy, and the entertainment you like.  Take advantage of the opportunities that God gives you.


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