Faith with Love

Faith is to be used with the love of God for the betterment of our fellow man. This love is a love that reaches out to help our fellow man out of his helpless estate. Charity as love is sometimes rendered as the effort of mankind to give relief to the poor and down and out. So letís look at what Peter did in the temple for an unnamed beggar.

Peter didnít have the cash to give this beggar for his needs, but what he did have was the compassion of Christ. However he had the desire to love the beggar as his neighbor and the faith in the name of Jesus to relieve his suffering. By the same token Peter acted on behalf of his heavenly father who wanted what was best for the beggar he loved. The reliance on God makes it possible to know that God wants to demonstrate his love to mankind through the faith of his children?

When you go to preach the gospel message have compassion on the people you take the gospel to. Healing the sick and raising the dead shows the compassion of a great God on those he does not want to perish. We need to take notice that healing the sick and raising the dead is beyond the powers of man.  God is life and as man of faith we are relying on our heavenly father to restore our fellow man to good health.

We share in the love of God when we ask God to restore men to health and at the same time it provides us with an opportunity to demonstrate the love of God to the sick and hurting.

Compassion is awareness of another personís suffering with a desire to relieve it.

In the same way,

Jesus saw people in need and had the desire to relieve it. He did not leave the sick and hurting on their sick beds, he reached out to the God of mercy, to the person who does the impossible for help. The love Jesus had for his father was at work in him and countless times Jesus said the miracles he did was because the father dwelt in him.

Jesus said something that we would be wise to listen to.

Jesus also said.

The bible tells us at least two ways that Jesus Christ and God the father always worked as one.

The bible also tells us that both Jesus Christ and God the father love us and made their abode in us.

Because we love and obey the commands Jesus gave us God our father will love us. That alone gives us the opportunity to serve the men and women that God does not want to perish.  Demonstrating Gods love to the world around us will open doors to greater evangelization.

We still have this basic law of love within the first and second command of God. Love has to be the basic reason to use our faith to move mountains. But at the same time the person exercising his or her faith is responsible to God for their actions.   Therefore faith that is effective in Godís eye is used through love to build and edify the body of Christ, when the primary objective is to give glory to God; we show God our love for him. 

When Jesus sent his disciples into the villages he gave them these instructions.

Even though Jesus knew the people he healed, itís highly unlikely that Jesus had prior relationships with any of those he healed. Still God accredited Jesus with signs and miracles to destroy the works of the devil but his main mission was to reveal his heavenly father to the world and in doing so he demonstrated the love of God for his creation.


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