Faith With Trust

Iím sure that everyone knows when a certain person enters your general vicinity you want to nail everything down to prevent things from disappearing. The trust you have for that specific person is not the kind of trust God wants for his child to establish. And for all intents and purposes God is working in you to make you a person with qualities that people admire.

God is a person who wants his children to have integrity and he is actively working in you to rebuild your character. As any parent would he is disciplining his children to develop the attributes of love, grace, and reasoning skills.

Itís obvious that Godís first objective is to establish a strict moral code and then refine them into person worthy of honor with attributes everyone desires. In other words he wants to make you into a person sought after and respected for the way you live.

A strict moral code contains restraints that prevent you from overtly doing something that will adversely affect another person. At the same time a strict moral code presents a chosen step by step plan to develop the kind of life your fellow man can respect and have desire to have for their lives.

The morals of God are found in the bible and it must first involve a choice and the freewill act to govern your life in said manner. It works on a similar premise as newtonís third law of motion that states, for every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction. There are several similar laws with this premise found in the bible such as the golden rule.

You reap what you sow, give and shall be given unto you, you shall be judged in the same manner as you judge, and forgive and you will be forgiven. By the same token God does not want you to return evil for evil. The principle of how life reacts to the evil things done to you have to be broken and it uses the premise of doing good things that God has prepared for his children to do in advance. It creates a better and more positive way to live when everything is said and done. In addition we need to consider the good works that God has planned for us to do improve our life and the people that live around us. Doing deeds regularly show a foreknowledge of how this principle works and its benefits will change the way you do things.

Still it takes time and repeated actions before your peers form an opinion about your life. Any trust another person has in you are seen in patterns you establish. Any wavering of your life patterns in regards to how things are handled can leave the trust issue up in the air not knowing how things will pan out.

Trust is based on the issue of predictability of your actions, especially when the other person is relying on you for success in their life. People need to be able to plan their future and with a desire to help others, you need to donate your time and effort to achieve their goals. Life tells us that we do not have the skills to solve every condition that happens to us and for that reason we learn to trust in those who can.

How do we learn to depend on those we chosen to rely on? Is that personís word consistently true and does that person complete the job every time? Are they honest or will they take advantage of your nature?  Are they successful in the things they do? These are attributes that we look for when choosing the person we place our trust in.

Many times it is the combination of qualities that makes the choices for us. In other words whose hands are we willing to place our trust in and are we taking a risk when we allow them to do specific things on our behalf?

Men and women eyes are constantly on the lives of other people not so much as to invade your privacy but to determine your value to them. You can tell what they have seen by the questions they pose about specific things you do on a regular basis.

I think that most people would jump at the concept of being prosperous and successful in everything they do. And there are a number of plans in the world that make this promise but the reality of the world is that they may be the only person who walks away with your wealth. The problem is that too many people make this plan sound too good to be true. God has a plan that will make you prosperous and successful and because he is a person worthy of trust it becomes a plan worthy of consideration.

Godís plan calls for you to put all your effort to work the plan that has worked for thousands of years. This plan that will not make you rich as worldly plans would suggest. It is a spiritual plan for organizing your personal disposition towards the life God has planned for your future.

This plan has impacted the lives of those who have worked the plan in its entirety. It gives you a fresh look at the life God desires and reshapes the way you think to approach life in a manner that you would want to be treated.

What is amazing about this plan is that you learn to work with God to become the Christlike man he desires. In other words you will not be working Godís plan alone for he will be with you every moment. The reward is a man or woman respected for his beliefs and honored for the way he lives.  

However, God has a future planned for those who have chosen a fair and just way of treating one another. When we consider this plan it is a self-disciplined life that honors our creator and the reward is eternal life due to the trust he has in you.


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