Faith Versus Doubt

Faith is more than the church you attend and the doctrine you believe. What builds faith are the principles you adhere to and the way you conduct your life. Faith in God is the guarantee that you will see the desired end long before it happens. Faith therefore is the ability to take another personís word to heart and trust that they will fulfill their promises. For example, how much would you trust God if he did not fulfill his promises or answer your prayers?  

What is it that gives you an assurance thatanyone is trustworthy? For most people it is the time we spend with another person building a personal relationship with them. Their trustworthiness depends on whether they keep their word and if they act according to the advice they give. Trustworthy people are loyal to their friends and will stand beside their friends.

Friends are those who have moral fiber who are honest and donít take unnecessary advantage of you. For the most part we want friends whose character is genuine and a person we can be depend on through thick or thin. Those who have a relationship with God know that developing a solid character built with around his love is the foundation to a personality admired by everyone.  Knowing that God calls for a higher standard demands we develop a character similar to his, a character that does not change and would not knowingly do anything that harms another person.   

Does God have faith in you?  Perhaps we should ask how you rate your trustworthiness to God. Do you fulfill your promises to God and do you keep your word to your friends and other people? Are you serving God with your whole being and worshipping God in spirit and in truth? These are the desires that everyone seeks from the people they trust. In other words is your life is credible to those who look to you and desire a closer relationship with you?

God has given man the right to become the architect of his own beliefs.  In the world, the normal man is inclined to believe the principles they know will actually work. The financier trusts in his financial knowledge and grows his profit margin by specific actions that will increase his profits, the scientist believes in what occurs when a certain force is applied and the lawyer bases his life around the law. Each person trusts in the knowledge and experience they have. The Christian may not see God, but he or she places his trust in God because he knows that he exists and rewards those who seek him with all their heart (Hebrews 11:6.) The knowledge and experience they have in Christ is the foundation to their faith.

In other words faith is developed over time using certain principles that you have tried tested and know will bring the desired outcome. Like the scientist that understands when identical forces are applied to specific things the outcome will be the same. From a Christian perspective, faith in God is based on the fact that God makes a determined effort to accomplish and fulfill his word.

The Christian uses the word of God to formulate a plan and strategy for his or her life and works with the God relying heavily on his promises. However, Christianís like all men must have a smidgen of trust and the hint of feasibility before he can believe anything. God wants you to taste his word to see that he is good.  God wants you to have the experience to know his word is true and he is resolved to achieve the purpose that his word was given for.

Faith involves a deep assurance of another personís trustworthiness and the accuracy of his advice. When you listen to their counsel your mind goes to work and within milliseconds have information to determine whether the idea is feasible. Their character tells you whether you should listen to them for certain people do not live according to advice they give.

Most of us have heard the expression that a cat can be skinned nine different ways. While most problems can be solved in a number of ways it is generally known that everything has to be done in a prescribed order.  For example, tickets have to be purchased before you get on the plane; you need a boat before you can sail on water. In the same manner, before you can go to heaven you will need to make an agreement with Jesus Christ before God will welcome you into his kingdom.  

From this we should learn that all faith begins with what can be perceived. Everything that can be seen is of earth is deceiving because the truth is suppressed by the world. However, we do not live by sight, as acts of faith are deeds of the spirit. Godís response comes from the spirit realm and filters down from heaven through his servants.   The promises made by God are based on the truth and through the promises of God we develop the character that builds trust that others can see and rely upon.

We should also understand that God has an enemy who is hard at work masking the truth. He is out to destroy the works of faith by placing doubt in the gospel truth and the precious promises of God.  He wants man to believe that itís too good to be true or no, that canít be true, to produce the uncertainty and the doubt that all nothing is possible with God. Doubt is the major reason for failure and why you know it wonít work. Just the trace of doubt will prevent you from beginning a task. We may feel that when everything has been said and done that we will be on the losing end. There is a perception that the gospel is foolishness and you donít need Christ. Therefore being a Christian is utterly worthless. Itís this kind of doubt that keeps you defeated and the reason that God can say he never knew you. Doubt is an author of broken faith, the bible describes broken faith as relationships being severed by mistrust. Satan is taking advantage of this principle by creating doubt in Godís ability to meet your needs.


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