Faith Increased By Two Or Three

Within these two verses is a principle for allowing people to work together for their common good.  People come together to gain strength through uniting, to establish the truth of the matter and form an agreement so they can work together. Much can be said in uniting for common cause.

Perhaps we hadnít thought of prayer in this fashion as prayer is known to have additional power when two or more agree on anything. When two gather in his name Jesus has promised to join in with you and agrees with you work towards what you have asked for. This idea goes a step further that Jesus will be with you to guarantee success. Because he is with us anything we ask for will be done by our father in heaven.

When two persons agree there is a basic truth that both can agree on and are willing to work for. In prayer the object is to unite and present your case to God to ensure his approval. The scriptures are filled with the principle of being and working in one accord for common goals.

 Joining together in prayer has another purpose above that of being successful at prayer. Uniting in prayer is a method of adding strength to your prayers and the evidence that you have a common purpose that you want God to solve. United prayer also establishes and recognizes the authority of God which pleases your heavenly father.

 The tower of Bable is a prime example of this concept of joining together for common cause. Together they said, let's make bricks, let us build ourselves a city, having a tower that reaches to the heavens.  Everything was in common from the language, purpose and the desire to reach their goals. They were working in one accord for the purposes to build the city of Bable.

However, the city of Bable agreed to settle down in one place rather than moving outward to cover the Earth as god commanded. God came down to see what they had done and confused their language which thwarted their plans. God effectively changed the ability to communicate to one another disbanding the city, their goals, and ultimately their purpose.  

Working together for common purpose is necessary for a committed team effort and the successful completion of goals.  It allows the tasks to be divided up and delegated out to smaller teams and then assembled in a set order.

By the same token whenever two or more join in prayer they make a committed effort with Jesus for at least one person in the body of Christ. That committed effort is taken to the father who assembles those prayers into the desires of his people.

God had something to say about the people at Bable. They were working together in harmony and for this reason God said that nothing they plan to do would be impossible for them to do.

When two or more gather together in the name of Jesus to pray for a common purpose, God has promised to make those things happen.  As the scripture says,

Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26

This scripture is not an imperative to work with God but more of an incentive. The imperative is a personal relationship and what you do to honor one another. The incentive is the guarantee of success. 

In the verse above the people envious of Paul were making accusations against him. Paul was defending his role as an apostle of God and referred to an Old Testament principle of determining guilt or innocence of the accused. It was the agreement of two witnesses that determined the truth of the matter.

When two or more commit to pray for a common purpose, two witnesses established a truth that is presented to the Lord. In the same way you can establish the truth of the bible when two or more witnesses (verses) agree on any subject. It is those consistenciesí that make Godís word strong and effective and ultimately establishes the truth you able to rely upon.

Agreement is the common thread in prayer. The answer to prayer is what you want and what God is willing to give to you.

The answer you expect is what you will get and most Christians receive answers that exceed their requests. Sometimes we forget the reason why answers our prayer is because he loves all of his children.

There is another aspect to this verse that we seldom think of. When you gather together with fellow believers and as children of God, Jesus has promised to be with us.  Therefore we can boldly approach our heavenly Father as family members.

Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need. Hebrews 4:16

We are members of Godís family and we should expect to go to a father that loves us and wants to do what is best for us. We have a relationship with our father who demands the best we can give and a loving Father with a plan for our lives. 


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