Fact Versus Opinion

Facts are created and have become reality. They are the result of things that have been done in the past and are consistent with actuality. Scientists disagree because of unproven opinions, and attempt to prove that man evolved over time. On the other hand, God created the heavens and the earth because it was a deed that only Supreme Being could perform. No one can argue that human life dominates and rules the earth but opinions disagree with the fact God created the heavens and the earth. Truth is based on facts and agrees with reality because reality is fact.

Facts establish the knowledge telling you what is feasible and what is impossible. For example, pregnancy is not possible within the same gender and a cow does not produce orange juice.  A fig tree does not bear grapes and the ocean is not fit for drinking water. However water can become steam or ice by altering the temperature. Another absolute fact is the mess you have to clean up by allowing your three-year-old to bake a cake. The mess will be on the floor, on the counter, on your clothing, and in places that you cannot reach.  At the same time the biggest and worse mess will be found around the mouth and hair of your child. Thatís reality.

The nature of facts has an absolute agreement with reality and men have learned to work with fact due to a simple principle. Facts cannot be altered or changed. The goals of men are achieved when they plan methods that agree with fact. Even Christians must learn to work with known facts to achieve the desired outcome. There are no exceptions to the facts, physically speaking man is born into this world and leave through death, the spiritual fact is you must be born again but live eternally.

The fact is that there always is something in opposition to the things we want to do. The law of gravity states, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. However, when we want to do things there are always difficulties to overcome. Even when the proper methods have been perfected there is always someone who knows more than you do and wants to change the way things are known to work.

Facts present a genuine picture of the actual thing that reveals the real truth. Facts do not announce themselves as they happen, but knowing the facts involved will guide to what to do to accomplish feats of work quickly and efficiently. The reality of facts is that they do not change or lie and because of this quality, they are considered a reliable foundation especially in spiritual and scientific matters.  

The history of man is another field that bases its information on fact. The majority of biblical facts have been proven with archeological finds discovered within the artifacts that have been found and examined. The facts of their discoveries coincide with the words and stories written in the bible. Like a traffic accident, the facts are seen in the point of impact, the skid marks and the injuries that occurred. The physical evidence establishes the facts and are considered more reliable than the driverís statement.

Almost every prophecy about Christ has been fulfilled to the letter with the knowledge that there are still more prophecies yet to be fulfilled. Because we found a number of prophecies have historically been fulfilled, we consider the unfulfilled prophesies to be reliable enough to be factual.  Most Christians expect the remaining prophesies to happen in the near future.

Nearly everything manufactured in this world has the manufactures name embedded on its product. At the same time the world no problem recognizing Godís signature on his creation.

Very few people in this world deny that a superior being was responsible for creating the earth they live on. Several scientists have tried to discover the origin of the earth and all they have extrapolated is the big bang theory.  The big bang theory says that everything came into existence about the same time. Depending on how you look at the facts it could explain an scientific version of the Creation story.

How do we know that God exists? Is it a fact?  The result of the deeds done in the past becomes the undeniable facts of your future.  Romans 1:19 tells that God has made himself plain and clearly understood through the things he made. People may deny that they are a part of Godís creation but in reality God will judge you according to your deeds. The spiritual reality is that God has made himself open to Judgment by mankind so you may know that he exists and has a personal value to you. On the other hand every person has created a set of facts known as deeds, which God will scrutinize to determine your worthiness to him and rewarding you with the gift eternal life.

Having a personal relationship with God is not impossible for the bible tells us that all our sins have been paid for by the blood of Christ and have been reconciled to God.  On the other hand sinners are hostile with God and are involved in a spiritual war with God that is impossible to win. God expects every man to do what is possible to have eternal life through a simple commitment to obey his commands and serve his fellow man. The bible tells you what you can do and what you should avoid. The bible is a book of instructions that will give you the knowledge you need to be found worthy of Godís approval.

The nature of facts is absolutely reliable as facts are universal and will not alter themselves to accomplish your needs. The same can be said of God, ďI the Lord do not change. (Malachi 3:6) and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion (Exodus 33:19). Godís word is the truth and the promises of God make the unchanging nature of his purpose known to man. His covenants cannot be broken, his plans cannot be thwarted, and his promises cannot be altered but will return to him completed as he promised.  

The world is filled with opinions mostly coming from the people whom would do things differently if they were in your shoes. For the arrogant, opinions outweigh the known facts even though opinions are unproven, the arrogant are going to do what they see right in their eyes. Opinions are often proven to be wrong, but facts have the weight of reality and have a specific reaction to the force applied. Those with expertise and specific knowledge on any subject know that there is an expected reaction to everything we do. Any plan that achieves the desired outcome must agree with fact. The problem is everyone has an opinion that cannot be substantiated with facts. One of those opinions is that God will accept men and women into heaven by human standards.  


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