Doubt Destroys Faith

The sight of seeing Jesus walking across the Sea of Galilee was something abnormal, but Peter called out if that be you Jesus bid me to come to you. Jesus could not deny who he was said, so he said come!

Peter walked on water breifly but somewhere between the boat and Jesus, his hair began to flow with the wind and he realized that he was about to sink in water over his head. 

Some believed the reason he began to sink was because he took his eyes off of Jesus. How could that be when Jesus was in reach of Peter? However, taking his eyes off of Jesus that is not the reason Jesus gave to Peter.  We read that Peter

When Peter saw the wind he began to walk by sight and not by faith. He questioned what was doing in his mind and doubt appeared. When Peter realized he was walking on water it dawned on him that walking on water just is not done under any circumstances. He confronted confusion within his mind saying this canít be happening when the spirit is saying all things are possible with God. 

Why did you doubt? At first Peter didnít doubt and he actually walked on water. Somewhere between the boat and Jesus Christ the natural man of Peter doubted that should be walking on water so he began to sink. He had to be questioning what am I doing? As he began to sink he responded in the normal fashion crying out for help to the Lord Jesus. In the midst of walking on water Peter allowed his trust in Christ to change to sight as he was accustomed to the way the world works.

Although we live in this world we think like men and women native to this world and our actions are controlled by what we perceive and have learned to trust from our past experiences. All of the things we have done in the past are embedded in our minds and we have learned to live according to those memories.

On the other hand we have been born again and have become a citizen of the heavenly realm. To put it in plain English, everything in this new realm works by faith, which is different than the world that lives by sight. All that is known about this new realm is spiritually discerned and what we understand of the spirit realm must control our spiritual actions on earth.

Doubt can be called by many names but what doubt amounts to be a belief that the circumstances of our life prevents the unknown or the impossible from being accomplished. In short doubt says it canít be done. On the other hand we have a God that does the impossible every moment of the day.  You must allow God to train you not to doubt because of what you believe.

The world system operates through deception contrary to the Spirit realm that works in truth and love. As human beings we perceive the physical circumstances of our life with the senses God gave us. With those physical senses we must learn to perceive the things God does in the Spirit realm to be certain of the things not seen so we may live by faith.  In the same manner the gifts from God are receive with our spirit are not seen with our eyes but discerned through our spirit by faith.

From my perspective the mountains that should be cast into the sea are the overwhelming conditions of our life that affect our wellbeing. For example, being lame. Can anyone cast lameness into the sea, if that person relies on the doctorís advice to stay off the feet as oppose to trust in God?  

Therefore we must determine if it is better to trust your doctorís advice to stay off your feet or to entrust your feet and mobility into the care of God. When you hesitate or refuse to use your feet, are we refusing to believe that God has the ability to answer prayer? By the same token, are you committed to the belief that Jesus is the same today, yesterday, and tomorrow? Jesus had a devoted trust in his father and had a remarkable success at healing everyone who believed in him.

When the world system does things through physical effort and the things of the spirit are accomplished through trust in God. How do we explain how doubt arises every time we attempt to be spiritual? We need the eyes and ears of Jesus who saw and heard his father at work in him.

The world has ways to accomplish its need and with our eyes on Jesus we have the means of seeing those ways being completed successfully. Therefore it becomes feasible to believe that the way Jesus does thing is effective and the only practical way to accomplish Godís goal.

Our doubt has its origin in the warfare that rage between our mind and Spirit over what we see of the world system and the spiritual principles that are made possible through our belief and trust in God. One of the two systems will win over the other but the winner is determined before the battle takes place by choice. Our experience tells us the things of the world are seen through our eyes and obtained through personal effort.  On the other hand, the things of the spirit are not seen and are obtained through trust in God. What we see and experience of this world is proof we need to live by faith not by sight.

O you of little faith why did you doubt? Matthew 14:31 why are you so afraid?  Matthew 8:26  So do not worry, Matthew 6:31

While there are 240,000 mustard seeds per pound. faith is faith regardless of its size. Mustard seed has other qualities other than size, so I donít think that Jesus was concerned with the size of the mustard seed. He may be saying that you must sow your mustard seed with the expectation though it was the smallest of all your seeds it will mature as the largest of garden plants and becomes the size of a tree in comparison (Matthew 13:32).

Doubt is the wavering between two opinions.

Faith involves being fully persuaded with complete trust in Jesus Christ. Like the mustard seed your faith it grows when sown. Faith is sown in weakness but is reaped in strength. Jesus said, ask me anything and I will do it to bring glory to my father.

Doubt prevents you from gaining the experience you need to become being fully persuaded. How will you ever know that Jesus will do the things you ask of him if you never exercise your faith? Your faith needs to be sown and only by sowing your faith will you ever see the outcome of your faith.


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