Contentment Versus Wanting

Contentment is a condition of the mind being satisfied with what one has. The world on the other hand is never content because of its competitive nature that strives to keep up and have more and better things than your neighbor. He has a new car; a new home, motor cycle, boat, and his kids have all kinds of toys with remote controls, while you live above your means. He has everything that is desirable to the physical senses, but deep inside he is not satisfied. He yearns to have the latest and the greatest thing to keep up with the world, but he also has created unnecessary stress because his paycheck is spent before itís in his hand.

Paul said that he had found contentment in Jesus Christ regardless of his situation. It didnít make a difference if he was hungry and had bad dreams, he learned to be content. Having your name written down in heaven and having Jesus Christ dwell in you is all that is really important. Paul considered the things of this world as being temporal like refuse that is thrown away and set his eyes of what was not seen and knew was eternal. Knowing Christ as his Lord was gain.

Paul repeatedly advised his fellow Christian to fix their eyes on Jesus Christ. He advised every Christian to renew their minds and bathe their spirit in the word of God. Perhaps we need reminded that the God of peace said.

We need to consider the promise that comes with fixing our mind on things above and where Jesus Christ is seated at the right side of God.

Fixing your mind on things above will constantly remind you of Godís promises that will enable you to escape the corruption of the world. A mind fixed to Godís thoughts and ways helps you to live a life acceptable to God.  As an added benefit the world will see your contentment, which is something they find desirable. Godís promises are there to serve your needs and the needs you have in ministering to other people. God is sufficient to meet your needs and he is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask and exceeds our needs.

Worry and distress falls on every human being and it affects everyday life for everyone, so much that worry and the anxiety can control how you feel and what you do.  

Godís word is a stabilizing influence on our lives, and he is faithful in keeping his promises. These promises make the difference and they comfort our life in times of trouble. Therefore, your dependence and trust on God and his promises is the key to contentment.

God may not do things in the way we think he should, but his grace is always sufficient.  Paul said that when he was humanly weak God became his strength. Our reliance on God gives us the knowledge to understand that God is always ready to help because he cares for us. According to Jesus own word, he is willing to do anything we ask of him so that his father will have the glory.

Godhas many commands that demand a deliberate effort to shape your mind with a commitment to serve God and the lives of other people. Christians are to love, to be strong, to take courage, to honor God by tithing their income and live a holy life. When we do these things, we have the assurance that we are doing what we can do to please our father in heaven.

Money is never a source of contentment.  Money may provide comfort for your flesh, but peace of mind is a condition of your mind that reflects your relationship with God. No one can be content while he is hostile towards God. The sinner refuses to repent and he rejects the authority of God. Even when he has the absolute knowledge that God rules the world he stirs contention and lets the world know that he doesnít need or want God. His actions are like rivals of God who are contending for his throne. They are rebellious and out spoken.

The world is in a state of wanting, always in need and never satisfied with what they have. They seek satisfaction in the wrong places and try to only satisfy themselves with the things that create stress. They keep themselves busy chasing the wind and never allow contentment from God to find them. Every human being has the peer pressure of the world demanding that you are up to snuff with everyone else, but to do that you must have the luxuries the world makes.  In addition the world creates the condition of lacking something saying you got to have this to be happy. However, there is nothing that creates happinessthan knowing the Lord Jesus Christ and the gift of eternal life


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