Confidence of Faith

The last chapter left off on the issue of doubt and what I would like you to understand is that God lives by a set of absolutes. One of those absolutes is there is only one name by which man can be saved. That particular demand restricts eternal life to entering eternal life through the narrow gate who is Jesus.

Other examples of absolutes are you are - neither hot nor cold; either gathers or you scatter, itís true or deceiving, and finally love as you want to be loved. What this all means is, God is looking for the best you can give in a positive manner, but are factors that will determine the value of good over evil.  

Pentecostals describe what is believed to be the basic principle for how faith works by this verse.  Faith begins with a choice to believe and it has an expectation that the words you have uttered will take place. Probably the best way to explain this principle is to illustrate something we all do.

I think we have all heard the following statement, I believe I am coming down with a cold. When you say this phrase you might as well grab a box of tissues because you are going to need them. Have you ever seen it fail that those words you spoke became true and you came down with a cold within days.

Another example of faith is to believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead followed with a commitment of faith that Jesus is Lord.   The outcome of exercising our beliefs results in our salvation and it amplifies a phrase of an Old Testament verse. 

Because we have expressed our faith towards salvation we crossed over from death to life, (John 5:24, Romans 6:13, 1 John 3:14).  We begin a new life with Jesus as Lord and begin the savor the fruit of salvation.

 In every case there is the condition requiring belief with complete confidence that you have received what you asked for at the spirit level. Your belief is part of worshipping God in your spirit and in truth. In addition, the condition of this promise (Mark 11:23) and the promise below demands that you confess your beliefs with your mouth.

For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved. Romans 10:10

And finally our faith is certain that what you have asked for and entrusted into the care of Jesus Christ will be done.  We must remember that God has the power to do what he has promised. Keeping this concept in the forefront of you mind establishes your confident belief in the trustworthiness of the person of Jesus Christ

The trustworthiness of Jesus is something every Christian must determine by testing him and his word. Because faith is a two way street faith without works is dead. Therefore the word of God says to taste the Lord and see that he is good. Letís consider the following,

In the passage above Jesus said that he did not do the miracles himself but it was the Father living in him working the miracles. In another place it is written that the fullness of deity dwelt in Jesus. Consider the words that followed the passage above Jesus said  

I think we have to take time to think about how man lives by every word that spoken by the mouth of God. God gave Christians the right to speak the beliefs of their heart and expect it to happen? Isnít God making an effort to train his children to understand that the words of our mouth have the power of life and death? At the same time is God training his children to discipline and control his or her thoughts to act in the disposition and manner that our heavenly father does?

Jesus never claimed to have done the miracles themselves, but always gave the glory to the father for the miracles he did through him. Jesus has come into our lives and has brought his father with him and for that reason we can expect our father to work through our lives by faith. The outcome of taking these words to heart will be that the fullness of deity will dwell in you and encourage you to do the same kind of miracles seen in Jesus.

You see we have the same power living in you that Jesus had when he performed miracles during his ministry.  Because that same power is at work in us in the present day we should be able to do even greater thing than Christ did two thousand years ago.


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