Comfort Versus Inconvenience

People think of comfort as the relative safety of their home where they can put their feet up lie back and take it easy. Within the home there is a sense of tranquility where the average person can do what pleases him or her. Everyone has built their home with the things that interest them and the things that they hope will relieve the tensions the work place created. Still at home, there is another kind of unrest apart from workplace that causes tension with inconvenience of family life. It seems as if every one of the kids need to be ten different places at the same time every night of the week and mom is too tired to be super Mom.

The inconvenience of parenthood generates responsibility and a huge amount of stress, especially when mom and dad are exhausted from work already. The kids have another agenda being full of energy and anxious to get to the next activity on their list all the time jumping and screaming with delight. The kids are completely engulfed with their life and without a concern of their mother and fatherís feelings place stress in their life. The problem increases as the parent doesnít seem to have the time for their own hobbies for their time is consumed by meeting all the needs of the family.

Family Stress is a part of life and caused by time constraints and wanting to be other places doing what you want to do. Even when you know what causes stress there is not much that you can do about it. On the other hand you love your kids and want them to be happy. To relieve stress Adults tend to buy things such as TVís and other electrical gadgets. However, no matter how many TVís in the home there is always someone who wants to watch another channel.

Today men and women buy gadgets to relieve stress and help them to relax, but these gadgets do not bring contentment. Instead they use up your time on games that temporarily keep your mind busy on other things. Gadgets can be addictive and create more problems in the long run. It seems as there are not enough gadgets to go around and everyone wants to use the one in your possession. The outcome is that gadgets develop a selfish attitude in the people who use them but selfishness is a contributing factor for creating stress.

The world derives a false sense of comfort in things rather in ways to comfort others. In other words they seek ways to please self rather than live in ways that brings comfort to the lives of other people. There is a stronger sense of personal worth and self-esteem when you serve the wellbeing of other people.  Personal integrity and dignity instills comfort to the man who has lived his life helping those less fortunate than he is.

Our Father in heaven is the God of all comfort and he is the shining example of what all Christians should become. God comforts us in our times of mental distress and anguish and he relieves and soothes our physical sufferings. In addition he encourages us always lifting us out of the mire and setting us on solid ground. He does it so we can encourage and comfort others in their time of need. We can testify to what God has personally done for us and we know if he has helped us he will certainly help you.

Just as God in heaven is the God of all comfort he is also a God of compassion. To comfort others we also must have compassion for people. Compassion is a concern over the suffering of others and the desire to do what it takes to ease and relieve the pain. One may not be able to change the circumstances, but we can always be there to comfort them through the time of trouble.  

A personal example of the God of all comfort is the comforter that God gives each of his children. What a comfort it is to know that God does not want anyone to perish and that he gives his Holy Spirit to comfort and guide our lives. The Holy Spirit is the guarantee of what is to come, the seal that identifies Christians as those who belong to God.

Another comfort is the promises of God and the plans of God to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11). Christians have the hope of glory, the belief that God will return with Jesus Christ.  With our own eyes and in our own glorified body will live in Godís home and reign with him forever

All Christians have been given a hope of glory Ė a ministry of reconciliation Ė compassion Ė and a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline. God has given gifts to each of his children to glorify and exhort God so all men may come to know a loving God that is concerned for every manís well-being.

However Christians can be like the Priest and the Levite who crossed the road to avoid getting involved with a half-dead man on the berm of the road. It was the Samaritan who took pity with compassion bound up the wounds and then paid the innkeeper out of his pocket to care for the injured man until his health returned. Getting involved with other people includes a concern that denies self for other personís wellbeing. Anything you can do to help them brings glory to God.


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