Clear versus obscured

My wife and I took a trip on the Blue Ridge trail that led to a mountaintop on the border of Tennessee and North Carolina. There is a coin operated telescope at the top of the mountain that allows you to see five states with your eyes on a clear and sunny day. The height of the mountain and clear skies allow you to see for miles until the distance becomes a haze of colors. People disappear in distance from your perspective due to the vastness of Godís creation. Like looking at the stars at night when they become nothing more than light in the darkness of night these great distances give a different viewpoint about human life. The broader picture or those things seen from a distance tends to make man appear to be insignificant in the overall picture. Without the knowledge that God's creation was designed to support mankind, man appears to have been an accident or a freak of nature.

It is not unusual to see the telescopes or binoculars used by people at this height to bring the surrounding landscape into focus. These instruments allow more clarity, even though things in the distance still may not be seen clearly. Telescopes and binoculars are limited to adjust and focus your eyes on what these instruments are pointed at.  In the same way, scientists use a microscope to enlarge molecules too small to be seen with the eye to allow their eyes to focus in on minute details.

Seeing clearly with the eye depends on the amount of light, movement and distance. We pay more attention to things that are closer due to its clarity rather than things off in the background that are out of sight eventhough they affect your life.  Still what is seen depends on the amount of light and all too often we need to use additional light to identify what may be seen. In addition, whatever is in motion catches our attention and our eyes focus on the movement to know what is causing it.

Clear can be used is several ways and carry the same general idea. A field is cleared to plow, a man is cleared of all charges, and he is clear of all debts. The things hindering your life from moving forward are no longer in the way, giving a freedom to see, hear and do something with your life.  In the same way having a clear conscious means that you have nothing to feel guilty about.

We have yet to talk about the clarity of your life and language. Whatís clear about you may not be clear to God and your friends. Especially when what you say is not what you do. Therefore it is important to know that your promises  must correspond with what you agreed to do. Your word shapes the opinions of men and women depending on you. If you repeatedly fail to do what is asked of you its clear that your word mean nothing to you. On the other hand, consistently doing what you agreed to do clarifys your charactor.

In Revelation 3:16, Jesus said that you were lukewarm because he was unable to make the distinction of whether you were hot or cold. The double mind man changes his mind back and forth from doing something one way and then another way.   He is like a tree shaken by the wind and the waves of water that rollin and retreat to the sea. Those who observe his life sees a person who is undependable and someone who cannot be trusted.

Itís difficult to be of one mind when we must associate with people who do not have the same God. Christianity is a commitment and a part of your personal relationship to remain loyal to Jesus Christ.  However, the peer pressure of the world is constantly finding fault with your beliefs in hopes of winning you over to their side. Concerning this problem James wrote.

And Jeremiah quoted Godís promise that you would be his people.

Christianity would be a guessing game without a God that responds to our needs. God understands that humanity is corrupted by evil desires and would eventually become perverse like the men of Sodom and Gomorrah if left unchecked. Drawing near to God is a matter of spending time with God in seeking his presence in prayer and bible study. Fot the most part, your time is spent in a Godless world but time spent in the presence of God supercharges your batteriersFor the most part, your time is spent in a Godless world but time spent in the presence of God supercharges your batteries and prepares you to do Godís work. Your time spent in prayer and bible study is the water that washes and purifies your heart. It creates the change of heart God wants when you allow God to reason with you and show you what evil does to people. With Godís help you will see a clear picture of evil and learn how to avoid evil. Mimicking the nature of God and taking advantage of Godís precious promises offers God the opportunity to demonstrate his nature through you to the world. At the same time, God is looking for distinct qualities in his children and your deeds will provide clarify with the proof he needs to see.

As Christians we must work out our salvation with God making sure that we have a relationship with God clearly defined.  God wants your life to be without spot or blemish knowing that if we confess our sins, he is faithful to forgive us of our sins. God wants those who worship him in spirit and in truth and the way you live clarifys the truth of your character.

However there are a few people that do not give any attention to the aspect of life through Jesus Christ. These people muddy up the true picture of life by obscuring and treating the consequences of sin as if sin were a trophy. They make sin attractive to those who want to live as they see fit. The truth is that they have become an skilled at hiding their sin. Therefore, thoe who sin see what they want to see and neglect the possibility that God will judge the world for its sin.


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