Civil Marriage or Godís law

I understand the highest human government of our land has ordained the right to unite people of the same gender in marriage. When I look at this law I see a law of God established to increase the number of earthís population that has been perverted to meet the needs of about three percent of itís population. Therefore because of what is right in Godís eye I would hesitate to unite two men or two women in marriage. As a Christian it is not my primary duty in life to judge people for their sin, but to love them with the love of Christ. At the same time it is my duty to God to tell them that they will stand in judgment before the God because they are rebelling against his commands.

Do we revere God enough to know what is in store for those who openly rebel against God? Like most things in life we never know the true reality of our actions until after the fact.

God has made his plans and made his intentions known to mankind. To those who love and obey him eternal life but for those who are rebellious, refuse to recognize his authority, and is determined to do whatever suits the life they have chosen, eternal torment. The truth is God rewards each person according to his or her deeds.

God created man male and female so they could fulfill his command to increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it.        

The command to increase and fill the earth was followed with a specific command telling mankind how to unite as a unit to increase in numbers.

The God of creation is just for God never commands mankind to do anything without empowering them with the ability to obey his commands. However God will not force you to obey his commands. A few men and women do not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God and chose a depraved lifestyle to rebel against Godís command. And then say you canít make me do it and have become as stubborn as the picture below depicts.

The worldís population increased because man has found the natural relation with the opposite gender. Remember within the world there are millions of people who never heard Godís command to increase in number but found uniting with the opposite gender a normal way of life.  The question of whether it is a natural or unnatural relation lies in the way you justify the standard practice of the world you live in uses to increase in number.

Choosing a lifestyle that prevents the number of human beings from increasing in number is a perversion from normal propagation. When men abandoned natural relations with women and are filled with lust for another man they are committing indecent acts in the eyes of God and man. However as a Christian it is not my responsibility to judge the choices of another person but leave judgment in the proper hands.

Believers in Christ have the duty of letting the world know Jesus was sent to demonstrate the love of God and that he loves the men and women of the world as much as he loves you. Still our command is to love God with our entire being and produce fruit of repentance. The love you have for God will cause you to obey his teaching and therefore everyone who confesses the name of the Lord has the requisite to turn away from the evil desires that are sin in Godís eye.

We have the right to judge our own lives in preparing to meet God on his terms. Do we have a double standard when judging others? No one likes to be judged because they donít have the same standards you have. On the other hand, what right do we have to judge another person when we sin in the same manner?

 Everyone lives according to what is right in his or her eyes. However not everyone knows what is right in Godís eye and will be judged accordingly. However we also live by what is proper conduct in view of federal Supreme Court rulings.  In other words, our government has ruled the right to overrule a conduct that is not pleasing to God.  At the same time same sex marriages may be legal in manís sight but not in Godís sight.

Itís plain that God does not deter men from committing sin neither should Christians. The lifestyle a person chooses is included within the sanctioned commands of God. In other words the sinner has the right to rebel against God if he so choose. Is it right to disobey the governing authorities of mankind when God ordained the governments of man? On the other hand withholding the rights and gifts God has given us demonstrate his love - is wrong in his sight. 

If I were a minister, it would be depressing to see my fellow man openly choosing a lifestyle that guarantees a permanent place of torment. Hell is not a place anyone in his right mind would choose but it is a choice to do what pleases you even no matter what it cost. If I were a minister, it would be my primary duty to reveal the commands of God but then make the effort to obey God.

Because of the Supreme Courtís ruling to allow gay marriages the question of corrupting the morals of those who are empowered to unite men and women has become a double standard. The Supreme Courtís ruling has legalized gay marriages but can never overrule the laws God established when he created mankind.

Those who are invested with the power of uniting two people together in marriage are questioning are they being forced by law to conspire with another person to sin against God.  To some marriage is a sacred institution closely associated with an oath taken before God. However to the person wanting to unite in marriage in an ungodly fashion are already participating in the act and will continue to sin regardless of the decisions that people in authority make.

Man cannot make a law that allows sin to become a legal right before God. Nor can man make a law that changes the conduct of its citizen concerning what is right in manís eyes. Godís authority is higher than manís and any law allowing marriage between the same sexes in Godís court would be condemned and described as abominable or appalling.

Any law that causes a person to violate the moral fabric of their disposition and what is unconscionable should be unlawful. The letter of the law kills but the spirit gives life.

As Christians we are caught in the middle of this controversy.  Single sex marriages are the law now by a government ordained by God.      

The other side of this controversy demands all Christians to obey God.

The ruling passed down by the Supreme Court enables enforcement of this law, compelling men who know God as their personal savior to disregard their commitment to Christ in order to comply with the law. Violating the moral fabric of the human disposition and his judgment of right and wrong destroys the dignity man. At the same time denying marriage to a gay couple drives them from the church, hearing the gospel and to another person who will marry them. The whole idea of getting married to a person of the same sex can be easily justified in the mind of the person who does not know God. But to the person who knows God you cannot approve what you know God hates and know God will never  have his blessing.

When it is all said and done we all have to ask if we can justify our own actions before God. As Christians empowered to marry men and women we must compare the right of homosexuals to be legally married by law against the decrees and commands of God. At the same time letís consider the decision the Supreme Court made puts our nation one step closer to the judgment God passed down on Sodom and Gomorrah. 07/08/2015


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