Citizens Versus Aliens

God created the earth for man to inhabit and populate the earth with people after his own kind. It would be a matter of history to explain how the earth was populated and how the human race settled down in different locations. However in due time the land where Abraham and Lot lived was not large enough to support the herds they owned. This began to fuel arguments between the two groups.

Even before Abrahamís time people bonded together into groups outside the family unit for common reasons. Villages developed as upright men and women found strength in numbers and joined to protect one another. Men built walls around their villages and fortified them to withstand animals and those with malicious intent from plundering the citizens in their community.

It is safe to say that every person within a village was not of the same mind. Some wanted to be wealthy and others just wanted to be allowed to live in peace with his neighbor. Those who became wealthy used devious ways to take an advantage of suppliers and customers.  Those who wanted to live in peace found it increasingly difficult to get along with deceitful people. For this reason men formed governments and agreed to live by the laws they legislated.

Every person within the family unit bonds by the time they spend together and form a sense of belonging and loyalty to this unit. Being a citizen of a City, State or nation works on the same principles as the family unit only on a larger scale. Your relation with citizenship gives you a sense of belonging and loyalty with friends, neighbors and those you know and live close by.  

Everyone becomes an instant citizen at the moment of birth and most live their entire lives in the vicinity where they were born. Still citizenship can be derived in several ways. A few men are dual citizens as they were born in one country and live in another. Men have also defected by abandoning their loyalty to the nation where they were born. However, before anyone can become a naturalized citizen of another country they must give their pledge to obey the laws of the nation adopting them as a citizen. The reality of citizenship permits you the opportunity to know where you belong and the ability to live reasonably safe and secure in the state where you intend to reside.

Christians have dual citizenship as their name is written down in heaven aw well as the locality where they reside. they also consider themselves to be pilgrims in the world because they are traveling through this world on the way to their true home in heaven. Christianís have dual citizenship one in physical relation to where they were born on earth and one due to spiritual birth into the kingdom of God.  

Christians are naturalized citizens of heaven as they spend a lot of time learning the history of God working with man. In addition they learn the laws of the kingdom and obey them out of respect for God. Then they pledged their allegiance to God and promised to serve God the remainder of their life. They have set their hope in Jesus Christ and are abandoning the ways of kingdom of darkness to begin a lifeís journey as citizens of heaven.

However, Christians living on earth have become strangers in a land that does not know God and must serve the kingdoms of God and endure the kingdom of men.  Christians know the moral laws of the kingdom of God far exceed those of men and share that knowledge with men as Christís representative. Christians in foreign lands are the ambassadors of Jesus Christ with a mission of reconciling men to God. Their mission is to present the gospel to whomever will listen and present the gospel of Jesus Christ accurately. Inviting foreign nationals or sinners to Church offers a picture of the ambassador issuing a temporary visa into the kingdom of God in hopes of obtaining permanent citizenship in heaven through demonstrating Godís goodness and love for them.

To enter the kingdom of God you must orally declare with your mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord and believe that he died and was raised from the dead.

Because of your faith in Jesus Christ, God translated us into the kingdom of his Son. By faith, you are no longer considered a foreigner, but a fellow citizen with Godís people. Although we live on earth our citizenship is in heaven, therefore we must begin adopting the ways of God. The process only began when you swore allegiance to Christ and now you must learn to hear and obey the laws of Godís kingdom. All of Godís command hangs on two commands. As law-abiding citizens of Heaven we must love God with all our being and do unto others what you want them to do to you. The good news is that we have a personal tutor to guide us through the lifetime process.

For the time being, there is work to be done and people that need to find Jesus Christ as their Savior.  We expect that the day our faith will become reality soon and dream about walking the streets of Godís kingdom. Once there we will not need to lock our door or have anything to fear. We will live in the shadow of our Lord and Savior and he will cover us with love.

Those who have not confessed Jesus as their Lord are foreigners and will not receive the privileges given to the citizens of heaven. For the most part they served their own ends all their life and gave their allegiance to no one. They opposed the things of God and refused enter the house of God. They also knew that God existed but did nothing to seek him or learn what he planned for them. By choice they refused to allow Jesus Christ in their life and by this choice reserved a place in Satanís kingdom as a citizens of hell.


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