Choice Versus Neglect

Contrary to what people think, human beings come with an instruction manual that God provides.  Still  the nature of  people would never assembled the things they bought without looking at the pictures on the instruction sheet.  Although the designer or engineer who created the thing you are assembling, they also wrote the instruction manual. While the manual tells you how to assemble it in one attempt,  its easier to look at the pictures and ignore the precise help the designer gave.

Man has gotten used to putting his life together from the pictures that the people of the world gives. If everyone had the choice to succeed in life they would make that choice in a heartbeat.  The number of how to do books grows each day, but unknown to the reader wanting success, the author earns more from selling his ideas than his customer does from following his plan. On the other hand, the bible, the greatest how to do book ever written is largely ignored because it advocates a disciplined life for the kind of life God wants and use in his eternal kingdom.

At the same time the bible is full of mental pictures pertaining to human life and includes the rise of men to power and  fall of men into utter ruin.  TPictures found in Godís word are not the kind of art work hung in an museum, but pictures that should be hanging on the walls of your spirit to remind us what happens to other people. They serve as a guide that encourages us to make our life one that God can accept and treasure in his own home. At the same these pictures stimulate and shape the desires of our heart to become what God wants for his future plans.

Our choices reflect the way we think and depending on how we think we can guide our life to success or to despair. The prudent man makes informed decisions based on knowledge and those who are willing to pay the piper are more likely to find themselves on the short end of the stick. Those who consider the outcome of bad choices and make plans to avoid failure.

When we take a serious look at the motives for our choices all of them are selfish in nature. Every choice we make reflects our preference even when it comes to the choices God wants us to make. People live their lives as they see fit, which reflects the way men makes choices, but we must consider that our preferences shape our future. The knowledge of God makes us aware of the fairness of his methods and warns us that your actions will determine where you spend eternity. The wisdom of God gives tells a number of stories from which we gain insight into the manner other people lived and the outcome derived from the choices they made whether good and bad. These stories make it possible for us to gain insight for the decisions we have to make that we would otherwise learn the hard way. The success or failure of biblical characters provides you with reason to make godly choices and how the deeds done in the flesh steer the course of our life.

When making choices you must determine what you are going to make happen. You have the right to make good decisions as well as bad ones. Remember that every decision you make creates a domino affect, knocking one domino over will cause every domino that has been arranged in a line to fall. By the same token the choice you made yesterday will alter the subsequence choice you will make today. Again the choice you make not only affects the lives of other people but it will alter the plan and choices you make in the future. Therefore, any choices you make should reflect a concern for how they affect the next personís life. From this idea, we should understand that our lives are intertwined with other people as the decisions they make affects our lives too.

The outcome from your choices helps other people to understand the true nature of your character. Men and women become liars because of the number of times they fail to fulfill promises to one another. What is worse is that we remember such things and shape our trust for men and women according to the way they respond to you.  

The bible tells us that God will reward each man according to his deeds. Your deeds tell God about your character and whether you attempted to gain the world  through the very sin  that God detests. The bible tells us how we may know and approve Godís will and know what pleases him. Ultimately your deeds show God your worthiness as a member of his household and a citizen of Heaven.

Prime beef is a higher grade of beef than hamburger, diamonds are better that cut glass and the freedom to choose is better than being dictated to. The quality of products and what appeals to your taste determines the value of things chosen for your daily use. These may be a preferred choice but not the ones we actually make. Choices also have a cost we must pay in exchange for what we want and while prime beef is what we want, hamburger is all we can afford.

Eternal life or going to heaven is another choice man must make. The knowledge that heaven and hell exist with the proof that God exists embedded within your heart. The problem is that men neglect looking for the knowledge that will ensure safe passage to heaven.  What people donít know is that Satan an enemy of God incites men to run from religion and the information they need to know. To them religion is foolishness and neglecting the truth makes sense to them. Because of this, they neglect seeking the one person who paid the price for our eternal life.   If they only knew what God has planned for them?

The things we neglect and choices we make today shape our future. Everything on earth proceeds in an orderly fashion and plans are made according to how things respond to what we do. The bible makes it plain that God considers the way he lives. From the Bible we learn that God does not want man to perish but to repent of his ways (2 Peter 3:9). With that in mind he has planned a way for all men to obtain salvation through Jesus Christ.

Most people understand that understands heaven is a better choice than hell  and heaven is the destination  preferred. God has made known that the only way to heaven is through Jesus Christ. Ultimately, you must make a commitment to Jesus to turn away from sin  proving your desire to be a part of God's future. By knowing and doing things that please God you will show God that you love him and have obeyed his commands.

The world is filled with people who inknowingly dismiss Godís purpose and who through carelessness forfeit their salvation from neglect. God knows that he has done everything in his power to inform man of his existence and his plan of salvation, so men are without excuse. Without a commitment  to honor his commands, God will not accept them into his kingdom nor will God accept them just because they feel they are morally good and sound people. They know the golden tule but they refuse to have anything to do with him. Instead, they live by the pictures that tthe world produces and because they are worthier than the other people justify themselves by themselves.   During their life, they have become arrogant, self important and have told God where he can go, not realizing that on Judgment day God will tell them where to go.


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