Change The World

Life is filled with things you canít do much about until you learn to come to some sort of agreement with the authority or person making decisions concerning your life. Every living being has the ability to make decisions and most of the time they have no conception of how their decision affects the lives of other people until someone says no. When the decision affects you, it puts you in a situation where you more often have to humble yourself and bite the bullet to do what they demand of you.  

Life is filled with things you canít do much about and for the most part the things you canít do much about are due to the decisions that other people make. You may not like the decisions that other people make because they affect how you relate to them. When you come down to the basic reasons behind these decisions you learn that they want to serve your needs on their terms. While it was not our decision, we need to consider that the decisions they made makes it easier for them to serve your needs.

You may not be able to do much about the decisions they made but you can control the decisions you make. In some ways the decisions made by other people forces you to initiate other decisions that affect people you are involved with. Some decisions are ridiculous, some unfair and others are justified but every decision creates an attitude ranging between for -- itís OK to agree and against -- saying no, which creates stubbornness and rebellion. Needless to say there is a lousy consequence for not submitting to their demands.   

Every human being has had to face a decision made by another person. For example I donít think you or your children chose who their parents were, but neither will their children have that choice.  However, now that you are alive and a part of the human race what are you going to do? We can complain about our situation but complaining wonít solve any problems or the fact that you are alive and part of the human race. However life is one of those choices that very few opt out of.

Even when we grow older to possess property the government wants their share of everything you own. Canít do much about taxes but at least they gave us a choice of paying the tax or going to jail. The problem we have is that everyone who made a decision we donít like also gave us a choice we may not appreciate or even like, but it is a choice. Even then, canít say the choice they gave us was beneficial to our needs but thank God for a strong survival instinct.

Life is filled with things you canít do much about because another person made a decision without your consent or considered your needs. Perhaps that is what the bible meant by submitting with one another. However, there are other decisions you can avoid such as what will happen after you die. You cannot avoid the death but you can avoid the death of your spirit by choosing life through Jesus Christ.

Some people may think you lost your marbleswhen you say you will die yet live eternally. From the worldís viewpoint itís impossible to die and live forever because once you die itís all over. Those who have this belief donít know the God who created life and does the impossible. At the same time we need to understand that God has given men a choice to live and a plan to accomplish it with his approval. Living forever is a choice to know God the father and Jesus Christ whom was sent to atone for the sins of mankind (John 17:3). Jesus said I have come that they may have life, and have it more abundantly (John 10:10). However, most men will perish because they refused to love the truth or seek the knowledge that can save them (2 Thessalonians 2:10).

Life is filled with things you canít do much about and one thing men cannot avoid is death of his or her body. However man is also a spirit being that is subject to death due to sin or eternal life due to accepting Godís plan of salvation to escape the consequences of sin. The worldís biggest failure originates from not knowing what to do and not having the right information. In addition the failure to listen to both sides of the story shows the lack of prudence. You see, men and women listen to what interests them and they ignore the wisdom of those who have tasted the promises of God. They have eyes to see but do not perceive the truth with their heart and have ears to hear but due to a lack of interest make no effort to understand the plan God has for all men.  The majority of men and women are focused on earthly things and pay no attention to the spiritual truth their life hinges on. Thus they neglect to consider why God created them.

Life is filled with decisions you had no part in making them, but at the same time you expect other people to do what you decided they will do. You as a parent expect your children to do what you ask of them even though they may not want to. God calls his people rebellious because they do not recognize his authority as the creator of man whom will judge each man for their deeds.

Life is filled with things that change with your attitude towards life. The things that affect your life become important for you to know what to expect. Jesus responded to his Father in reverent submission (Hebrews 5:7) and his prayers were heard. By the same token, how do you react to God when you find out that even though you are a sinner your sins have been forgiven through the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ (Romans 5:8)? Remember, itís when you heard the gospel of your salvation with your heart that you believed. Because you believed the gospel of Jesus Christ you understood that you needed turn from your wicked ways to be forgiven. Repenting changes everything because you were accepted into the kingdom of God where Jesus Christ is Lord.

Life is filled with things you canít do much about and one more person you must recognize. God has made himself known to all men.  God was God at the creation of the heavens and the earth and will eternally be God in the Kingdom of Heaven. God has always been and will always be the person where the chain of command stops. We live and have our being through every word that comes from the mouth of our heavenly father. God is not hiding so when you eagerly seek him, you will find him.

There are things you canít do much about but one thing I have learned from my experience with God is that you can expect abundant life because God considers how his decisions affect your life, whereas men do not. Heaven is a place where the sin that caused our trials, anguish and pain will not exist because sin will not be tolerated. Without sin we can live in peace and have harmony with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Heaven will be a paradise as long as we agree to abide with the decisions made by Godís authority.

All in all, the choice God has given to his creation serves the well-being of man as much as the well-being of God. You may not be able to do much about the decisions that other people make but it seems that fighting the decisions made by others creates more problems than itís worth. On the other hand, we need to consider that honoring the decisions made by others make life easier in the long run.

Life is filled with things you canít do much about until you learn to come to an agreement with the authority that is making decisions for you. When that person considers how their decisions affect your life and make decisions for you, most likely they have experienced the problems you are about to face hoping they can prevent you from suffering the consequences they faced.

Regardless of the decisions other people make, life depends on the choices you make to live at peace with the decision makers. God is one of those decision makers who govern his creation with the promise to reward those who consider his plan and agree to live accordingly. However, the consequences for refusing to obey God are to perish in a totally miserable environment for eternity.

Still there is another decision God has made Ė a day of reckoning.  On that day every person whose name is not written in the book of life will be judged according to their deeds. That day will probably be a hard day for God because the men and women he chose to love and didnít want to perish will stand before his throne. Although he loves those who paid no attention to his warnings he will protect his chosen ones by separating those who chose to love and obey with all their heart. Those who love God will go to heaven and those who paid no attention to his warnings will be sent to the lake of fire.


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