Blessing Versus Curses 

The blessings of Deuteronomy 28 involved the promises of God in relation to the obedience of his people. Those who obeyed him would be pursued by the first fourteen verses of Deuteronomy 28. God promised that Israel would see Godís favor and the work of their hands would prosper. Those who violated Godís law would be plagued with the last fifty-two verses describing the things that God would do to frustrate the ways of the wicked until they overtaken and ruined.

Today we think of blessing as the short prayer before a meal to recognize and thank God for the bounty placed on our dinner table. In addition we find the words ďGod bless youĒ are used more today when people sneeze than for any other reason. The purpose for blessing has lost its meaning especially when it can be given without knowing God.

The blessing was to be spoken over the children of God by Aaronís sons and God would bless those blessed by Aaron. God instructed Moses to command Aaron and his sons to verbally give the Israelites the blessings above. The reason for blessing his people was Godís name would be placed on his people and then God would bless them.  

Balak son of Zippor sent for Balaam because he knew about the one talent that he was known for, which would enable him to defeat Israel. Balak knew that whoever Balaam cursed would be cursed and whoever he blessed would be blessed (Numbers 22:6). Balaam refused to go at first and may have known that Israel was blessed of God. Despite the fees he would receive, he informed the messengers that he could only say what God gave him to speak. Against the known will of God, Balaam went to Balakís camp overlooking Israel. There he offered sacrifices to God and sought his will. Through Balaam, God blessed Israel and turned the Balakís desired for cursing into a blessing.

God blesses his people so they may be a blessing to the world. God does not want you to curse anyone, if anything God prefers that you bless those who persecute you (Romans 12:14). This command strikes a hard note with those that prefer to bare grudges and seek revenge. Still God sets the example for us, without showing a desire for revenge, God sent rain on the wicked as well as the righteous. God sent his only son to bless the world with the grace of God and his redemption plan that demonstrate his love for all men.

The act of blessing other men is a way to show Godís love through you to all men. It is a way to show mankind that God does not want anyone to perish but come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ. God wants man to prosper and not to be harmed, instead he has plans to give you hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11). Blessing one another is Godís will and shows your wish to contribute to the well being and prosperity of others.

Your words have the potential to completely change your life and your tongue is likening to a rudder that keeps a ship on course or the spark that starts a forest fire. Your spoken word affects how people feel about you and you may have to eat crow through an apology for what you said. The bible says,

The way things are said can put you into the arms of the one you love or it can put you in the doghouse. Jesus said, on the Day of Judgment men will have to give account for every careless word they have spoken (Matthew 12:36). It appears as if man can be careless about what he says or give careful thought before speak so other people may keep their dignity, be blessed through the words you speak and gain wisdom that they can use throughout their life.

To Abraham God made this covenant.

God said I will bless you and all people will be blessed through you. The power of the tongue is influenced by the treasuries found in the heart and is displayed through the words of your mouth.  James says the tongue is likening to a spark that engulfs forest with fire, but it also steers the ship wherever we want to go. Wouldnít it be better to steer our life and those in the boat with us in the way you would want to go? You can bless others the way you would want to be blessed by releasing Godís love on earth.

Binding agrees with Godís love and shows an agreement with words said on earth and the corresponding actions taken in heaven. In the same way your blessing agrees with Godís word that all people would be blessed through you. Your blessing gives God the opportunity to work with you to openly display the love of God.

On the other hand people think of curses as being profanity or using Godís name in vain. However, curses are careless words spoken in anger, which display the character of an evil person. With his or her mouth the world openly displays the desire to see misfortune fall on those they curse.


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