Birth Versus Death

The most exciting and beautiful time of marriage is when their child makes his or her debut. It is a time of celebration remembered throughout the lifetime of every parent. Birth is a beginning, an origin that happens once a lifetime for each person. However birth is only a beginning, as time never stops due to its relentless pursuit of the future yet to come.  

The time and location of your birth as those before you were not of your choosing.  At birth everyone has something in common, they were given a set of circumstances they must learn to overcome. During our lifetime every person has billions of decisions to make, some are good and others not so good. Still God made it a natural choice for parents to want children because children are a gift of God that has purpose and in time meaning.

The dawn of a new day begins at sunrise and for men and women worldwide, at the same time dawn start a dayís work and the aches and pains you suffer from at the end of the day. What would life be like without the dawn of a new era, a new idea and a new life that begins with God? Even ideas have an origin and everything produced by man has a day it was conceived and made.

The earth had its origin in time and man knows that God created the heavens and the earth. Although scientists believe that all life began as a single cell they have not been able to determine how, when or where the first cell originated. Scientists also believe that every species of life began around the same time. However with all their scientific expertise, they will never be able to explain how many life forms evolved from that single cell.

Even Adam and Eve would have to admit that they were not present while the heavens and the earth was created.  However, God was there - and if anyone had his expertise concerning the truth of creation, God had it.  Most scientific theory is subject to change because the sum of all truth is not accepted by every human being there is some confusion. But if God and the scientist could see each other the Scientist and God would be of one accord.

Ideas are conceived in the mind just like babies that are conceived in the womb. However, everything conceived is a stage that begins the overall process prior to birth. In other words the automobile was conceived on paper long before the actual car rolled off the assembly line.  In addition the candidate announced his bid for the elected office and campaigned before he took the oath of office. Each introduced a process for an expected outcome. In the same way God created the earth before the beginning of time.

Sin also had its origin in the garden when Adam and Eve ignored the warnings of God that they may eat from every tree except the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Free will and the ability to make decisions apart from God began a process that immediately separated man from God. God drove Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden and placed them in surrounding that forced manís toil to eat by the sweat of his brow.

The bible tells us that all sinned.

The knowledge that all men have sinned leads to repentance through the mercy of God.  We learn that Godís mercy combined with his Grace is a gift that begins a new life that will last forever. We also learn that by repenting and recognizing Jesus Christ as Lord we begin a new life without the wrath of God hanging over us. This new beginning is called the born again experience. Itís not the rebirth of the flesh, but a choice of God to give birth to our spirit and begin a life of communion with God. Through this born again experience we become the children of God and heirs to the Kingdom of God.

We make millions of choices during our life and all of those choices give birth to deeds that we will be judged for. James wrote,

The average Christian does not want to sin as sin gives birth to guilt, broken fellowship, and the discipline of a loving father. However, sin is that which we know is wrong, and do anyway, it is an act that will separate you from God and eventually bring death by the lake of fire. Godís discipline is good as it gives birth to understanding and teaches you the reasons why you shouldnít sin again. On the other hand, obedience gives birth to our fatherís approval and the trust that nurtures our relationship with God.

However everyone will taste death when his or her body has been spent. When that happens the love ones left behind experience a total separation from their those who passed on to meet their maker. There is something final about death as there are no more decisions to make no more chances to tell that someone special that you love them. Whatís worse, no more opportunities to accept Jesus Christ as Lord or get right with God.  Although they heard that God loved them they did nothing about it. They knew that God sent his son that whosoever believed on him would not perish. At every turn in life they rejected the gospel of Jesus Christ showing God their need for him. With tears in his eyes God will say you have showed me your desires and I will grant them. Depart into outer darkness where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.


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