Authority of God Versus Satan

We live in a world where every man, woman and child were given the power to think independently of each other. However, without delegating authority to govern our lives, we would live in a society where everyone would be in charge, but without order. Without the consensus of men to enact law and the delegate authority to govern its citizens, man would be unable to prosper. For this reason man has found it necessary to share authority and create a chain of command. Throughout the world man has formed several governments and each has a head of state, However, God is over all of them.

There are several forms of authority, the right of ownership for example, authority of influences and the authority to control personal possessions. Men and women gain authority by using his or her influence of strength, knowledge and experience while exercising their skills every day. Another authority passes the right of succession from Father to his heir within his family. God possesses all of the authorities mentioned above and is recognized by men to rule with supreme and sovereign authority.

God desires to rule over those who volunteer to be governed by his law and accept his Sonís authority as their Lord. In this arrangement, Jesus has the consent and legal right to rule your life for your benefit. By choice the entire citizenry of Godís Kingdom is subject to his rule.

God delegated his power and authority to the person of Jesus Christ, in the same manner as Pharaoh invested his authority to Joseph making him only responsible to Pharaoh himself. Jesus was accredited authority by Godís word and the signs and wonders that accompanied his ministry.

Jesus Christ does not have the unconditional authority of carte blanche, as no man has to bow his knee to God.  He has been commissioned by God to administer his Kingdom with authority to carry out a particular task of restoring the relationship of man to God.  The great commission given by Jesus Christ gave man the commission to go preach the good news and make disciples, to baptize them and to strengthen them by teaching the commands of God.  

In another form, God presents his authority as a father and head of the household with Jesus as the Son within his family unit. The Father has the responsibility to demonstrate and teach his children the wisdom gained from his knowledge and experience throughout his life. Within the family, the children are expected to obey the father who is ranked as the head of the household. The fatherís upbringing produces a mature adult that is capable of having a long and successful life of his own. Being of noble character God expects his children to adopt the attributes of his grace and righteousness by living a morally pure life that is governed by a love for one another. The goal is a standard of holiness all the way down the ranks from God himself to the disciples of Jesus Christ. No one is exempt.

God dwells in the spiritual realm where his supreme and sovereign authority over his kingdom goes unquestioned. God like Jesus has a permanent authority by way of an indestructible life and uses his influence of strength, knowledge and experience to rule in a righteousness manner. Because God has supreme and sovereign authority, no one is able to topple his rule, exert authority over him or able to thwart his plans.

Authority requires responsibility and accountability for those under its control. Under the authority of Godís word the bible declares that everyone will give an account of his or her life.

We are accountable to God just as God is responsible to keep his promises. God makes his promises with a dedicated effort to do what he has promised. One of those promises is to reward everyone according to the deeds he or she has done in the flesh. Your deeds reflect the truth about your moral character whether good or evil. However, he especially warns all men that no evil will be tolerated in Heaven.

Satan has no authority that God hasnít given to him. In open rebellion to God and his commands Satan is oppressing mankind relentlessly. Ages ago, God created Satan by the name Lucifer. He had the rank equivalent to Gabriel and Michael who also had command over hundreds of angels. In Heaven Lucifer was engaged in commerce becoming successful through the exchange of goods. He delighted in his appearance and became full of pride due to his beauty and accomplishments. Overtime he learned to become cunning and deceitful and decided to become like God. God became aware of his conduct and arrested him, stripped him of his heavenly privileges and expelled him from heaven all because a holy God would not tolerate his sin.

Knowing that his time is short and that his fate is certain, he was filled with fury and chose to vent his anger on the children of God. Currently he is waging a spiritual war on the inhabitants of the earth. Satan knows the power of deceit, and with cunning he is able to incite man to sin against God.  

The problem with this war is that it is spiritual in nature and no one can see into the spiritual realm through his or her eyes. Christians know of this war only because of what they learn about it through the word of God. The trials of their life make the truth of Godís word more certain. Those in the world are not aware of this war though they are both the pawns and the victims of this war.

Although Satan has no authority over men he knows how to coerce men to sin. Through intimidation he forces you to think that you will do more harm to your self by avoiding evil than doing things without concern of who gets hurt. Satan goal is to dominate and restrain your thoughts so you will reject God and the truth of his word.

To accomplish his goals Satan incites the world to chase after the wind and the things the world produces for its pleasure. The appetite of the world is filled with self-indulgence and keeps one busy yielding to things that absorb time and the resources that could be used to help the less fortunate.

Satan usurps a groundless and oppressive authority over the world through his skills of misinformation, outright lies, and deception.  He holds men slave to sin by a fear of death when its common knowledge that Jesus paid the penalty for the sins of the world. Although he incites you to sin he claims no responsibility for your sin but be assured he will accuse you of sin. To Satan you are just a trophy, in his attempt to humiliate God since he lost his battle with God for his throne.


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