About The Bible

Although the Bible is written to be understood, to some it is a book of nonsense but to others the It is a book of wisdom given to Godís children. Most Christians understand the Bible was never written in English as we have it today. Rather the bible was written in two major languages then translated to several other languages one of which is American English.

Again the bible we have today is also a translation of one of two manuscripts. The bibles translated before 1980 AD came from the Textus Receptus or whatís known as the Text Received. This manuscript was comprised of the biblical documents available in 1580 AD. Several additional scripts have been discovered since then and the bibles published after 1980 AD used the Nestle-Aland manuscript that dates back to 157 AD.

Are these scripts the original manuscripts? We have to consider the life span of paper and parchment paper before 1580 AD to give you an accurate answer. Even the Dead Sea scrolls found in the late 1940ís show signs of deterioration. For the most part the bible is a copy of a copy meaning the original manuscripts were subject to aging. Today five copies of the Old Testament exist and nearly forty thousand copies of the New Testament are in existence and most of them show signs of being extremely fragile.

Is there one version of the Bible that is better than all the others? Regardless of what anyone says the Bible version that makes sense and you can understand is the best version for you. There are people who say a specific version is the best however there opinion wonít help you to understand godly principles. God inspired several versions and he will work with you so you can better understand the version of your choice. Regardless of the version it is a good idea for you to ask God to give you wisdom and insight into his word.

Readability is prime factor for as languages change in time so the words the bible should change to stay in sync with our time.  The date of translation makes a dramatic change in our understanding for the bible translated after 1980 AD are closer to words you yourself use every day. 

What we may not know is that the bible is a letter to the people that accepts Godís lordship and whom God loves informing what we can expect from Him in addition to what he expects of his creation. God is anticipating building an eternal kingdom comprised of men and women from the human race who are willing to follow his plan of Salvation. It is a plan of developing human character into an eternal way of life built on the foundation of love for one another.

Understanding the Bible is not of a personal interpretation but an understanding given through a person of God.  In other words understanding the bible is the outcome of a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior. Without Godís help man would find interpreting the message of the bible difficult to comprehend.

On one hand the bible was written to warn mankind of the devastating effects of sin to everyone who is captivated and indulges in it. On the other hand the bible was written to lift one another out of the sin that corrupts the character of mankind. Yet the bible would be worthless to mankind if it were not for the person of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is the central figure of the bible through whom all things were made and through whom the Christian faith is firmly grounded. His death burial and resurrection is the central point on which salvation is based. Without Jesus Christ there is no salvation and man would be eternally condemned. The grace of God was given to mankind through Jesus Christ so that anyone choosing to believe in him would not perish but have eternal life. Godís mercy is displayed in the death burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ for through these acts the sin of mankind are forgiven and a right relation with God is re-established.

In essence the bible is telling us to acknowledge God is all our ways. God says that thoughts and ways of mankind are not his and therefore asking his children to reform their thoughts and ways to be consistent with God and the requirements of eternal life. In other words God wants us to discipline our lives to avoid the sin that causes the pain and suffering we are experiencing in our present life. Eradicate and eliminate sin altogether and the living conditions of heaven on earth will exist.

Through Jesus we find the keys of unlocking the wisdom of the bible. Knowing Jesus is primary key to understanding the godly principles within the bible. However, accepting godly principles demands that you reflect on the inspired word of God. Pondering on the written word puts those words in your heart enabling you to think like God.

Reflecting on Godís word helps to determine its value to you. Is it true and is it feasible for you to at least attempt to put into practice? The next step to understanding the bible is putting what the bible teaches into practice. Putting godly principles into practice creates a foundation of love through faith.  Itís through the knowledge of God we learn that God guarantees eternal life when we pursue God and his righteousness. By making Jesus Lord we formalize an agreement of peace with God.

In essence when we put Godly practices we learn of the holiness of God by changing our ways to agree with those of God. Letís consider that Godís life is eternal so his ways are geared for eternal life. His way is holy which describes the morals he lives by. Godís morals are different from ours since his morals take in consideration of how his ways affect others.

The morals of God can be summed up in the golden rule do unto others as you want them to do to you. Within the golden rule we launch a foundation of beliefs and peaceful actions that will endure throughout eternal life.

Godís ways are absolute and unchanging.  By the same token he knows the plans he has for mankind for they are plans that give you hope for the future to come. His plans are to see that you flourish and live in safety. They are plans design to continue throughout the ages to come.

The bible tells us of a great salvation that we cannot afford to neglect. It is the difference of eternal bliss and eternal torment. The bible tells us of the choice we have to live forever verses being separated from the life God wants to give those who will serve him of their free will.

We donít know too much about the life God has planned for us but with the absence of sin has to be absolutely wonderful.  The bible tells us Jesus will wipe our tears away and death, mourning, crying and pain will pass away. We will walk in the light of God as long as we live and be a joy to our creator. Perhaps we need to think of eternal life as the time God will celebrate in us and we will rejoice in him. 1/19/2015


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