A Renewed Mind

While we may not think of in this manner the way the man of the world thinks radically different than the man of God. The man of the world thinks only of what benefits his life in his quest for power. The man of God has the power but uses it to reach out to those in need.

The pattern of the world systematically shapes the thoughts of the people who are in it through what is perceived of the world and peer pressure. By the same token the world considered God’s ways foolishness and opposes the thoughts or principles that God governs his life.  

The world is modeled after the sinful nature of mankind for cursing, lying and murder, stealing and adultery abound and one crime against a fellow man follows another. The world does not have a disposition of love nor does it show respect to one another. Rather the world’s disposition is based towards the needs of a selfish person who lives in pride than it is in sharing what it has with the needy. Even when the world sees human need is it organizes a charity to make sure another person relieves the needs of their fellow man.

  When the world makes decisions they do not consider how their decisions affect the next person.  The world has a double standards saying I want excellence from you when I will give you my left overs. More often decisions are made to achieve the goal without considering how that decision affects another person.

At the same time looking at what goes on in the world the majority of people say it’s not right we need a change. Although men make plans to make things better not everyone gets the help they need. Even then the changes they make only affect the segment of society they are a part of. In the long run the world finds a way to make money relieving the needs of the needy. God says;

Believe it or not the ways of God work in this world but the wickedness of man suppresses the praiseworthy things that can be seen. The wellbeing of mankind is at stake. To escape the corruption of the world caused by the greed and moral decline of mankind we need to implement the thought pattern of our creator.

Conforming to the pattern of the world happens because people cannot see their faults as seen by another person. Everyone does what is right in their own eyes but the majority of men are not conscious of what God sees. Although God's morality is embedded in their minds they overlook the immorality of their leaders and put them back in office. In other words they approve of the immoral deeds of their leaders by reelecting them.

On the other hand Christians follow a Divine leader who considers a life of holiness as a proper way to conduct every area of his life.  For the most part it is very difficult to find fault with anyone that thinks and acts in the way you see life. For this reason knowing how God would do things would be an asset in deciding how to approach life.

What we perceive through our eyes and ears helps us understand the way the world works. Even Christians live by sight in this world and without consciously consenting we allow peer pressure to conform our lives to the world. Ultimately our thoughts shape our desires and govern our actions. The bible tells us;

In other words the longer we think about our desires the more apt we are to do them. The bible also says;

The mind of sinful man is death, but the mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace; the sinful mind is hostile to God. It does not submit to God's law, nor can it do so. Those controlled by the sinful nature cannot please God Romans 8:6-8

Therefore how do we conform to the kingdom of God without knowing how it functions? Can we exist in Heaven without coming to an agreement with its leader? Pleasing God demands a disciplined mind that is set on things of his kingdom where we will live throughout eternity.

God is not asking us to do anything that would harm another person but to do everything that builds up another person by demonstrating respect for them. God wants us to develop the discipline of loving one another because it is the foundation creating peace and tranquility of heaven. In addition knowing how to please God and what he approves of will stimulate us to agree to live within his will.

We have an added benefit for renewing our mind in personally knowing the only true God, and Jesus Christ. What God desires most is a personal relationship with you based on faith.   

A renewed mind deepens our relationship with God by bonding to him while getting to know how he thinks and reacts to our needs. By the same token God wants to know how we think and react to his needs. In addition these shared experiences with God teach us the wisdom of obeying him out of love for him.

There are two things you may want to consider. We are standing at the door of eternity, will God let you enter his kingdom if he knows you and will God approve of you when you adopt his ways?      

God is inviting us to renew our minds in a social manner as if through a casual conversation over a meal. It is the way we normally bond with and associate with our family members in everyday life. Its conditions like these that we really get to know the person sitting across the table.  Not only do we get to know the pros and cons of that person’s character but that you see a characteristic in that person you admire and want to learn and put into practice. We can always come up with reasons to justify our ways but on the other hand will God justify your actions based on your deeds?

One of the characteristics of a Christian is a changed life which is developed through a personal relationship with our creator. God becomes a second set of eyes that sees your faults and helps you to change how you see life. God has a set of absolute values (morals) that he wants to guide and govern our lives in the ages to come. Ultimately renewing our minds develops the right characteristics that God will find worthy of his kingdom. 10/02/2014


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