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2nd Peter in Review

A Formula To Prayer

A Friend Will

A Future

A Matter Of Convenience

A Precious Gift

A Reason To Know God

A Renewed Mind

A Sacrifice

A Son Forever

A View From Last Pew

About The Holy Bible

Abomination That Causes Desolation

Above All

Abundance of Christ likeness

Acceptable To God

According To Your Deeds

Add To Your Faith

Addendum To Matthew 28

Adopted of God

Agreeing To Work Together

All Things Considered

Almighty Creator

Ambassador At Work

Ambassador Of Christ

Anointed For Life

Another Counselor

Are you Deceived

Are You Practicing

Arrogance of Man

At The Crossroads

Are Your Ways My Ways

Authority of God Versus Satan

Authority of Jesus

Avoiding The Consequences

Away From Me

Battle of Armageddon

Being Prepared

Believer Versus Sinner

Believing In God

Beside Streams Of Water

Beside Water Versus Arid Places

Books I Have Written

Birth Versus Death

Blessing Versus Curses

Blessings And Cursing

Boasting About God

Born For The Second Time

Born in sin

Born To Be King

Branch Of The Lord

Broken Faith

Brotherly Love

Call To Me

Cant Do Much About That

Capacity To Believe

Casting Off Restraint

Caught Up

Cause Of Desolation

Celebrating Before The Lord

Change That Honors God

Change The World

Choice of life

Choice Versus Neglect

Choosing To Do Good

Choosing What To Believe

Christ On The Holy Spirit

Christ Was Unique

Christís coming  in Revelation

Christian Life Is Not Free

Citizens Versus Aliens

Civil Marriage or Godís law

Clean Versus Unclean

Clear versus obscured

Come, All Who Are Thirsty

Citizens Versus Aliens

Consider It Pure Joy

Consider Your Future

Comfort Versus Inconvenience

Coming  Of Christ

Coming Of The Lawless One

Commitment Versus Reneging

Commonsense And God

Compassion Versus Vanity

Complacency man's worst enemy

Conclusion Of The Matter

Confidence of Faith

Contentment Versus Wanting

Contradiction In Terms

Convenience That Steals


Cornerstone of My Life

Correctly Handling

Covenant Of Grace

Created By God's Plan

Created To Serve God

Creation Or Evolution



Contact us

Danger Looms Ahead

Daniels Vision

David and Bathsheba

Death Has No Pleasure

Death Is Around The Corner

Deceived Easily

Deceiving The Elect

Delight Versus annoyed

Denomination Differences

Denying Your Salvation

Difference Of Opinion

Difficult To Swallow

Discernment Versus Ignorance

Discipline Of Bible Study

Disciplining The Heart

Discovering The Truth

Divine Nature Of God

Do This In Remembrance

Do You Know God

Doctrinal Problems of the Trinity

Does God Heal

Doubt Destroys Faith

Driven From The Temple  

Ears to Listen

Effect Of Rumors

End Time Comparison

End Time signs Or Rapture

Entering Gods Covenant

Entrusted to Increase

Equipped To Serve

Exercise Christ Love

Exercising Our Faith

Experiential Faith

Fact Versus Opinion

Faith in Jesus Name

Faith Increased By Two Or Three

Faith Versus doubt

Faith With Anticipation

Faith with Love

Faith With Trust

Faith Without Works

Fear Of The Lord

Fellowship Versus Separation

First Step

Following Christ

For Versus Against

Foresight Versus Hindsight

Forthright Versus Guile

Fortune Verses Tragedy

Free Will Versus Slavery

Friend Versus Foe

Gathering Versus Scattering

Generous Versus Hoarding

Gift Versus Wages

Glorify Christ

God At Work In Us

God Given Faith

God Is Good

God Where Are You

Godís Authority

Gods Expectations

Gods Glory and Goodness

Godís Grace Of Giving

Godís Nature

Gods Plea

Gods School of Hard Knocks

Gods Servant

Gods Thoughts And Ways

Godís Wrath Is Coming

Good Deeds Versus Sin

Good Versus Evil


Grace and mercy

Grace Of Gratitude

Graffiti Of Your Life

Haman, A man With An Ego

Healthy Versus Sick

Hear The Word Of God

Hearing Inconsistency

Heaven Versus Earth

Heaven Versus Hell

His Coming

His Eye Is On The World

His Plan

Historical Information

Holiness Versus Corruption.

Holy Versus Unholy

Honest Versus Deception

Honor Versus Disgrace

Honoring God From the Heart

Hope That Saves

Hospitable Versus Scorn

Hot Versus Cold

How Names Are Used

Humble Versus Proud

Humbly Honoring God

I Am

I Am The Lord

I Exist

I Thirst

In Everything - Honor God.

In The Name Of Jesus

Innocent  Versus  Guilty

Intent Of Theology

Interpretation vs. Assumption


Issac A Sacrifice

Its The Only Way


Jesus Christ Versus Satan

Jesus Is

Jesus Is The Cornerstone

Jonah And The Whale

Judging Another

Just  Like Christ

Just Versus Unjust

King James Only

Kiss The Son

Know That I Am God

Knowing God Personally

Knowledge Versus Foolishness

Lack Of Knowledge

Lavished Love Of God

Lavishness of Christ

Learn More

Learning to think like God

Length Of The End Times

Let Us Be United In Prayer

Let Us Make Man

Let Us Return

Let's Talk About Tribulation

Life And Death Choices

Life is Deceptive

Life of Abundance

Life Versus Death

Life With God

Lifeís Final Reward

Light Versus Darkness

Light Of The World

Like Versus Unlike

Listen To Hear

Look At

Love Of The Father

Love Versus Hate

Making a Chart

Making Every Effort

Making Time For God

Man Of Noble Birth

Man's Origin

Marked With a Promise

Marriage Godís Way

Matthew 28 19

Mature Versus Immature

Meek Versus Arrogant

Meeting In The Air

Men Perish Without Revelation

Moral Versus Corrupt

Mountain Top Experience

Mustard seed Faith

My Son

My Spirit

Nails In The Fence

Name of Jesus

Narrow Versus Wide

New Versus Old

No Other Name

Obedient Versus Disobedient

Obeying God


Omnipresence of God


Opposition To Faith

Origin of Faith

Our Day Of Salvation

Our King

Overflowing in Christ   

Parable Of The Sower 

Past Present Versus Future

Peace Versus War

People Perish Without Revelation


Personal Desire


Planting Versus Harvest

Pleasant Versus Offensive

Plenty Versus Lacking

Point of Death

Pondering The Word

Power To Believe

Power Of The Tongue

Pray For Our Nation  

Pray For The President

Preparing for Judgment Day

Principled Versus Unscrupulous

Promises Of Worth

Prosperity Versus Ruin

Prudent Versus Foolishness

Pure Versus Blemished

Purposeful  Agreements

Real Love

Receive Versus Reject

Receiving By Faith

Recognition of Christ

Redeemed Versus Captivity

Rejoice Versus Sadness

Relationship With God

Renewal Of The Spirit

Renewing The Mind

Repent Versus Sinning

Respect Versus Contempt

Resurrection During The Tribulation Period

Resurrection of the lost

Revival fires

Rewards of God

Rich Versus Poor

Right Attitude

Right Versus Wrong

Righteousness Is By Faith

Righteousness Versus Unrighteousness

Ritualized Prayer

Rock Versus Stone




Sacrifice of Atonement

Saints Versus Ungodly

Same Sex Marriages

Satan Alias The Beast

Satanís War With The Saints

Saved Versus Lost


Seed After Its Own Kind

Seek God

Seeking God By Faith

Seeking God Versus Avoiding Him


Shaping Our Faith

Sharing Versus Selfishness

Shedding Of Blood

Should God Reward You On Your Terms

Shun Evil Versus Indulge In Sin

Sight Versus Blindness

Signs Of The Times

Silent Years

Sincere Versus The Hypocrite

Singleness Versus Double Minded

So Loved

Something Worth  Considering

Son Versus Illegitimate Son

Sorting Out Lifeís Truth

Sowing Spiritual Seed

Sows Versus Reaps


Spirit Versus Earthly Realm

Spirit Versus Flesh

Spirit Versus law

Spiritual Versus Carnal

Spotless Versus Blmished

Start Now

Stolen Opinions

Straight Versus Crooked

Strengthening Prayer

Strive To Do God's Will

Strong Versus Weak

Summary Of Hebrews

Summer Versus Winter

Sunlight Versus Rain

Take Control of Your Life


Team Work

Test All Things

Testing Faith Develops


The Anti-Christ

The Antichrist Deception

The Baptism Of Christ

The End Times

The Fence

The Image Created By God

The Image God Created

The Majestic Plural

The Power Of Jesus Name

The Promised Counselor

The Right Choice

Theology of thinkgodly

Thorns For A Crown

Those Who Received

To Be In Christ


Trinity Theology

True Versus False

Trumping The Scriptures

Trust In God

Trust Versus Uncertainty

Truth Changes

Truth Of Awareness

Truth Of Certainty

Truth of Christ

Truth Of Deception

Truth of Faith

Truth of Life

Truth Of Morals

Truth of Rewards

Truth Of The Ambassador

Truth of the Cross

Truth of the World

Truth of Worth

Truth Suppressed

Truthful Versus Liar

Truth's Nature

Turn and Be Healed

Twiddling Thumbs

Two Or Three

Underline reasons

Understanding Revelation

Unless You Repent

Unmerited Favor Versus Earned Favor

Upright Before God

Using Our Faith

Victory Versus Defeat

Vindicated By The Spirit

Vindicated Versus Condemned

Vow Versus its Value

Walk As Jesus Did

Walk By Faith

Water Versus Blood

Wealth Versus Poverty

Weapons Of Faith

Well Being Versus Self

What God Sees

What Is Truth

When God Seems So Far Away

When You See

White Versus Black

Who goes through the tribulation

Why Call Me Lord

Why God Gave His Spirit

Why pray

Will God Reward You

Will You Have Faith

Wise Versus Foolishness

Without Concern

Witnesses At Your Door

Woman of Adultery

Words That Harm

Words That Harm

Words Used By God

Work Out Your Salvation

Working Versus Lazy

Worship In Spirit And In Truth

Your heavenly Father.



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